racing tips for turtles

Sometimes it is not only about completing the distance
Sometimes it is more than not being the last runner in the race route
At some point pride will kick in
And when that happens being in page 258 of 259 is not good enough

Are you in the triple digit page number of 2012 Nike We Run Manila? (Check your official race results here: NIKE WE RUN MANILA) Do you want to improve your ranking next year?

Here are some tips that you can try to help you improve your ranking. We may not be fast but we can run smart. Based on my computations, if you follow the tips below you could move up by at least 6 pages (assuming 48 names per page.)

1. Bring your own water. Fellow slowpokes are more likely to stop at water stations.
Assumption : 10 runners per water station x 4 water stations = overtake at least 40 runners

2. Don’t stop, rest, slow down or walk after the turnaround point. The turnaround point is a big race milestone. The typical mind game runners play is to bargain for a bit of rest after a turnaroundpoint. It will be very tempting to join them. Don’t! Delay your walk break. Overtake some runners first.
Assumption : overtake at least 50 runners

3. Run the straights. The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. When you see a curve, don’t follow it. Find the straight line that will take you across.
Assumption : overtake at least 15 runners

4. Plan your race. Study the race route. Plan your pace. Plan your walk/run ratio and stick to it. Some of our runners are not really that slow. They just start out too fast and run out of gas after the first 3 kilometers. They will pass you at the start. It’s okay. With consistent pacing and smart racing know-how, you will overtake them when it matters the most.
Assumption : overtake at least 100 runners

5. Do your number 1s and 2s before the race.It is better to queue at the portalets before the race. The race clock is not yet ticking; it won’t affect your ranking.
Assumption : overtake at least 10 runners

6. NEVER, EVER position yourself near the front. It could destroy you. Keeping up with the faster runners will shred your legs and demolish your morale. Better to position yourself near runners who will likely run the same pace. Plus going out too fast will cause your muscles to fatigue quicker. Refer to no.4.
Assumption : overtake at least 40 runners

7. Keep an eye for easy pickings. These runners might really be strong runners but for reasons known only to them, they set themselves up as target. Keep an eye out for the following and overtake them:
– that guy with the DSLR
– that HHWWPSSP ( holding hands while walking pa-swing swing pa) couple. Easy x2 runners
– anyone who stops to take a photo every kilometer marker
– that barkada blocking the race route and walking shoulder to shoulder
Assumption : overtake at least 30 runners

8. If you must take a picture, keep it to a miminum. Refer to number 7, don’t be a target. You are racing.
Assumption : 15 runners can overtake you

9. Smile. Might not help you overtake runners but it could make you feel better.

Approx number of runners you can overtake:
– If you don’t take pictures = 300 runners
– If you take pictures = 285 runner

10. And then of course, best tip ever … Train! 100% guaranteed way to bump up your ranking. I like the training programs I saw in one website. Click here to check it out and see you next year.


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