Why Bananarunning

Hi I’m Bards. I started running to lose weight (click here  to read my weight loss story ) and now I’m hooked. When I started, I usually run in the gym so my earlier entries were about my hamster workouts. Back then, I only run outside for my long runs.

After I recovered from the Subic Half Marathon,  majority of my runs have been outside. I still do my easy runs in the gym but I have now moved my quality workouts outside.

I usually run with a crazy bunch of runners collectively called T2. We go crazy when we are not training for something.

So why Bananarunning? Wala lang … I joined a fun run and they gave us banana. After working out in the gym, they usually have free banana. The healthiest food option at 7-11 is a banana (but now they dont have it every day and when they do its a bit mushy and spotty). Still, it’s the best pre and post run snack for me. Prevents cramps too.

Pero come to think of it … parang i was thinking about Bananarama when I started this blog. 

My first race was a 2K fun run called Mommy Milkshake Fun run in support of breast feeding. There were kids in the race and when the starting gun went off, I sprinted after them and learned my first lesson in running and road racing. Run your own race at your own pace.  I ended up gasping for air after the first kilometer and walked a fair distance.

My first goal race was the Subic Half Marathon which I finished in (2:52:50 by my watch … official time is 2:47:41). After nearly 10months of running, I finally managed to complete a subhour 10K last Sunday at the Runnex@25 held at UP. *dance of joy*

I ran my first marathon last 7Dec08 in Singapore. I finished. The time was was 5:51. It was a very tough race for me but the thought of quitting never entered my mind. I was just a bit saddened that I didn’t even get close to my goal time. That Sunday, I learned that as long as you don’t give up and keep on putting one foot in front of the other you will get to the finish line.

Update 7Aug09. Ran a couple more marathons since SG. I ran Botak in May and finished in 5:22. Then I ran the Manila Elimination of Milo in July and finished in 5:06. I missed the 5 hour curfew. A few weeks before another goal race, I ran the Quezon City International Marathon and finally clocked in sub5 hour marathon – 4:54:59.  I called this my redemption marathon already. I thought this was the best I can do. 

Update 08Nov2009: Flew to New York 2 weeks later to race the 2009 ING New York City Marathon. I had high hopes. I got my slot through lottery  -approx 43,000 out of 100,000 got it. T2 would have killed me if I opted not to join. It ranks now as the best race ever in my books. Months of training finally paid off. I finished in 4:37:51. 

I look back at all the miles I logged to get to my redemption and smile. It was worth it.

However … I was so drained after the race. I woke up with a smile the day after the race but the desire to run was gone. I got a bit worried but not enough to suit put and run. Was I just slacking off or have I gone on vacation mode or horror of horrors has the running bug left me?

I rested. 

This afternoon while waiting for Marionette Theater to open I started scribbling.

Plotting. Planning. Pwede! 

I have a new training program! I needed the one week full rest to completely heal and recover from the stress of training and racing. I feel energised and excited to train again. Ready to hit the road again.

Dream. Believe. Survive!

51 thoughts on “Why Bananarunning

  1. hmm, I think I ate a banana once before a run, but I usually have pasta the night before and leave it at that, sounds like your almost pro though but it is hard to tell. well I only run 8 km (just haven’t bothered to try 10 yet, and would prob be dead at the end) but I enjoy running, and I have to say, it may not be the best thing to blog about, but it can be a very fulfilling sport 🙂

  2. no pro … too lazy to run fast. pasta yes … but not complete without banana. running probably is not the most exciting thing to blog about … but i love it!

    and if you can do 8Kms … ha! what’s 2 more. go for the 10. 😛

  3. Banana is definitely one of the best food choices for most athletes and not just runners.

    You might also want to join The 2008 Clark Freeport International Marathon on January 13, 2008 at Clark Freeport, Pampanga. You can pick either the 5K or the 10K run which would be a great warm up run for subic’s half marathon that you plan to join.

    More info on the Clark Marathon at http://clarkmarathon.com

  4. I love running also. What started as my dream to run 10K before reaching 40 y.o. now becomes a hobby. Hope to see you in one of the fun runs in the metro.

  5. kulang ka ng image of a banana with running shoes.

    >>>>i know … i did start drawing … picture this, a banana and its running with perfect form ala Chi Running forward falling and arms pumping on the side. kaso it ended up looking like a spring chicken na walang feathers. hay! need to work on this …

  6. Hi Bards, I’m surprised we haven’t met yet since there were a couple of races we joined together…plus I read here that you run with Beni V. (Or did we meet na when I took a photo of Team Mila at PIA???) Anyway, I hope to meet you in a future race, maybe Mizuno-Fuego? I enjoyed reading your blog especially the long runs portion (inggit ako!) Thanks for linking me! 🙂

  7. of course kelangan may link kay TBR. 😛 we actually met when you took the Team Mila pix kami yung friends sa Beni and friends pix . Take care of your knees hehehe and see you at the races. Sa Mizuno-Fuego if/when they finalize it na.

  8. hi bananarunning,

    what a nice name… Banana is my favourite fruit. I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope to meet you in future races. All the best in your running!.

  9. Banana is what I eat when I am awaken in the middle of the night by my rumbling stomach. Banana is what I eat when I am already hungry and the food is not yet ready.
    At any given time, you will always find bananas in our fruit basket. And I meant A-L-W-A-Y-S!
    Hope to see you soon, bards!

  10. Hi Bards!
    Nice blog name! Fave ko rin banana…nilagang saba, banana-que, saging na Niluto sa brown sugar, bananaramaü

    Ey runningmom … thanks for dropping by. sarap talaga isama pa natin nag banana chips at patin na rin banana muffin hehehe plus kontra cramps pa.

  11. hi bardsm keep at it, i plan on running my 2nd half marathon in 2009, this time i’m actually going to shoot for a time goal instead of running it on a whim, and i plan on a marathon in the next couple years as well. Keep up them great work, running is such a great thing!

    ey sam, thanks for the visit. plan a is to complete the marathon, if i can complete it in 5hours or less then yey for me. time goal for 5 and 10k races … maybe next year. goodluck on the sub20 5k!

  12. Bards,

    I saw you at the Fort yesterday. Nahiya ako sa sarili ko, cause I know I’m suppose to be out there with you guys preparing for the King of The Road 21K, so to cheer myself, I went to Contis- and it worked!

    It’s going to be my first time to do a 21K run and my goal is simply to finish the race (hopefully with a decent time).

    Bards, I’m inviting you and your running buddies to our restaurant (Paul Calvin’s Deli) @ the Fort. We’ll be serving healthy breakfast buffet on the day of the run. we’re located at Rizal Drive (Between UCC & Chowking) sa tapat lang kami ng helipad.

    Para di kayo maligaw you can call us at 856.5900.

    May blog, di-mo naman sinasabi sa akin!

    Hey see you at the race, kasama ko ang brother ko.

    -Jay Em of Paul Calvin’s Deli

  13. Bards, Sama mo naman ako sa run mo.
    I have to go, nagluto si nanay ng letchon kawali; di bale tatakbo na lang ako mamaya dito sa village.

    sana tumakbo ka na rin last Wed. I didnt see you, but then again I was cross-eyed from the run haha. good luck tomorrow, one foot in front of the other lang … then try doing it a bit faster. lechon kawali … yum!

    oh and the blog is a secret shhh. no seriously kahit sa T2 they just found it na lang. and surprise nikwento ko pala sila sa madla.

  14. hi bards. now i know the story behing banana running. i would also write about my weight gain-weight loss story. hope to see you soon.

  15. Hi Banana Running!

    Did you get our email re-“10th Anniversary Sunset Run”? Hope you and your group can join again =)


    hi marj! i lovelove fuego! esp your hills …but after a full marathon 😛 hmm. we will see. i might have to rename this blog baliwrunning afterall. didnt get the email though but i heard about it from friends and saw TBRs post.

  16. Hi Bards,

    It was nice training with you last night @ ULTRA. More power to you and keep on running!

    hi javy. next week daw el bimbo and limbo rock naman warm-up drills natin hehe. see ya at ultra.

  17. Bards,

    Hahaha. At least may gamit na yung mga poste dun 😛

    Ill put you sa Blogroll ko ha?

    churely. hay i should update na rin my blogroll.

  18. Hi Bards. have been a follower of your blog.
    i took a stab at blogging myself so if you have time, please check out my blog at:


    there are running places i wanted to share.


    hi rene, welcome the the blogsphere and thanks for dropping by. see you at the races.

  19. Hi Miss Bards,
    Are you a Fort Bonifacio High School Alumnae???
    by the way Im Vener Ariston batch 93 FBHS..
    I started running with my officemates last year lang, my first is at the Pringles Fun Run then from there got hooked to it and now it’s the no 1. craze in our office…
    So happy Im able to run (5k) the first event of the year PSE BULL RUN and will be running this sunday for THE HAPPY RUN
    Hope to see and chat with you one of this run days…and maybe run in full marathon alongside you (my goal this year to run 1/2 marathon at least once)

    hi vener! thanks for dropping by. Batch 93 ka? Ka batch tayo! hehehe kidding. Nope, probinsyana ako. I remember the Pringles run that was fun. Short enough that we didnt get wet. Good luck on Sunday to you and your officemates. Say “Huy” if you see me at the races!

    1. Hi Ms. Bards,
      I ask you 2 years ago if were a high school batch mate but I’m wrong…but i feel i know you from somewhere..then Vintage/Cavel Group was created in FB for the former Vintage Sports and Cavel Group Family and saw your name there so I think thats answer my question Where I know you from? I was with Vintage from 1996 to 2000

  20. Is that picture taken at UP Diliman, specifically, the Atheist Circle? ü

    Been subscribed to your RSS feed for a while pero ngayon lang magkucomment, hehe.

    I think it’s great that you ran your first marathon already, as I am still preparing/dreaming of my 1st.

    Anyway keep it up and see you at the starting lines!

    Add nga pala kita sa blogroll, hope you don’t mind. ü

  21. ey thanks for dropping by. found your blog at takbo.ph yesterday. haha i lurk too.

    ya, sa UP yung pix. taken near a sari-sari store na madami bikers not sure kung atheist circle sya.

    im sure when get around to your first marathon you will be uber fast. keep on running and see you at the races. kuha mo naman ako ng krispy kreme next time. wala na kami inaabot hehe

  22. Hi 🙂

    I was struck most by this tag line of yours:
    “Couch Potato to 5K”
    because I can totally relate.

    I completed my first 5k run (my first outdoor run also!) just this sunday. 5k in 45mins.

    its exhilirating and addicting and i know I can do better!

    I’ll be a regular reader here from now on to give me more inspiration! 😀

    amen to exhilirating and addicting! thanks for dropping by …keep on running! congratulations sa 1st 5K and hope to see you sa road races!

  23. now i know why you chose that blog ‘name’, and i like the Bananarama influence. i’ve been reading about you in other forums like TBR and others.

    btw, we were on the same table during the CLP of takbo.ph. it was my first time (and last) to join a meet-up of the running community.

    i hope you’re doing good on your training, kahjit na umuulan.

    ikaw yung nag102? naku, running rain or shine, di lang sure what im training for hehehe takbo lang ng takbo

  24. hi bards. i hope you dont mind that i linked your blog to mine. see you sat! 😉 – vimz

    thanks. see you saturday. madungis na my Glides. inabutan ng ulan last monday.

  25. Bards!!! Ramona Manalo here. I saw you on the list of bloggers we’ll be having dinner with on Wednesday. You’re sooooo payat na!! I’m so inggit!! You’ll be there on Wednesday ha? At Stock Market. I think it was Vince who did the inviting for Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

    Ro! Great see you there! haha yikes! i suddenly feel so ancient. dati kiddo ka lang ni SRM, now may grown-up job ka na. hehe

  26. Gud eveng Bards, I was amazed to hear banana running it sounds like “Banana Republic” but its not a joke banana is good for our health not only in running. By the way i’m Jhun who is sometimes fanatic of this sports but never won a long distance race maybe because i forgot my banana with me. On July 5, ill try my luck on the elimination round and hope to see there…May the force be with the Banana runners

    hi jhun. good luck sa milo. say hi if you see me. and if im walking when you see me. tell me to haul a** and resume running. hehe by the power of Banana we will finish fierce on Sunday!

  27. Hi Bernadette!

    I hope you still remember me from Punta Fuego.

    To give way to motherhood, I set up my own events company and will be doing a community run in BF Homes on Dec. 13 to benefit the local parish.

    In this regard, do you mind if I send you the run notice? Hopefully you’ll deen it post worthy on your site =)



  28. Hi Bards, by any chance you’re joining the StanChart Marathon 2009 here in Singapore? If you do, hope to see you. It will be my first marathon and just hoping to finish it.
    Good luck sa mga races mo. Keep on running!

    No matter you are first or last…fast or slow…complete or never complete…
    As long as you make an effort to try, you are a winner!

    hi jon, how exciting! goodluck on your first marathon! i think a lot of pinoys will be joining SG this year. Not joining this year … maybe next year. This little marathon I’m doing on Sunday will be the last for the year for me.

    and you are right, we are a winner already for dreaming and trying. lacing up and training is a victory in itself. happy runs!


  29. Hi Bards,
    Wow your amazing! I have been visiting your blog and probably haven’t left any mssg. But I want to let you know that you amazes me everytime I visit your site.
    If I am not mistaken this specific page was updated. Congratulations on your strong finish for the NY marathon.


  30. Hi Bards. I was inspired to sign-up for the NY marathon coz I saw your NY entry here in your blog. I did and got in. I was just wondering if I could ask you some questions about it. I have contacted Councilor Delarmente before pero unfortunately, hindi siya sumasagot. Busy siguro sa campaign. Hope you could help me out. If its OK, please do send me a message through my email. I don’t have much access to blogs right now coz I’m in a country na bawal ang blogs. So email is the best way to go. Hope to hear from you.

  31. hi bards! it was nice to meet you along with other runners/bloggers. im a newbie sa running lalo na sa blogging..haha kaya, patype type lang. nabigla nga ako when i got invited last saturday. anyway, i just dropped by to say na natutuwa ako sa mga blogs mo lalo na dun sa running with haile and overtaking the kenyans! haha

    1. thank you bridget! and i believe that you will achieve your goal. it always starts with a little discontent that transforms to a desire to change. my last advise will be to keep it fun. if the pounds are dropping really slow, at least you can say that you are having fun along the way. having friends to who also embrace lifestyle will also help a lot. hope to see you at the races!

    1. ey nicnic! congratulations sa run. checked your blog too. and when i saw your pic, i remembered you kasi i liked you running costume color combo. good to hear you had a good run even with the slight problem. it was truly a great race ano. see you at the races and in corregidor next year. :o)

  32. banana running is a very nice name for your blog! keep on blogging!

    It’s noted on the 7-11 bananas that you mentioned. I believe this is ours, and we sponsor running events here in Mindanao by giving the free bananas.

    I have a mizuno running shoes too and I use it for medium distance (7-10 kms) . If you want to protect your ankle, my companion hurt hers, you may buy supports from sports stores. I also use supports for my knees (due to mid-age, and still above desired weight.

    Let’s run, run run…

    send me e-mail if you wish…


    1. Hi mon, thanks for dropping by. Looks like the running scene is also in high gear in mindanao. Yey to you and Dole for being supportive. Run run run na!

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