27.69km | no going back

I planned on doing a mighty big loop this morning. Walk/Run to the finish. Goal is to increase time on feet and hopefully smash some mental barriers, too.

Halfway in I wanted to go home! 🤣 I was sooo hungry! But I also set – no taxi, no grab, no jeep, no trike. So the only choice was too keep going.

I haven’t measured the — Amorsolo, Edsa, Mckinley, Lawton, Chino Roces Ave Ext and Chino Roces Ave — loop before. All I know is this one starts and ends near my home. Rat cunning plan eh!

I started at 3min run x 2min walk. 40mins in, I shifted to 1min run x 3min walk. Slow going but I was going! Until I saw the Toby’s Estate sign at Km8.25. I turned off the garmin, time for a break!


Coffee shop was closed. 💔💔💔

And off I go again but I just walked the remaining 2.19 to finish the loop. Now I know it’s a nice rolling 10K loop. I might do the reverse next time, so that I’ll be at BGC when I hit 8ish mark and can have proper coffee treat.

72.31kms to go!

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