7.7kms | Intertropical Convergence Zone … shoo!

So Garmin said, I’m moving more than a typical Monday! Yay me!

I didn’t move at all during the weekend. I coulda and I shoulda, but I didn’t. Couldn’t even be bothered to do a takeaway. I had food delivered instead. Hi, I’m Bards. I can be a sloth.

So I was determined to log kms today. I thought my great plan was going to be foiled again. It was a very cloudy morning and then lotsa rain after lunch! It was beginning to look like a win for the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

KuyaKim moment …

The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) lies in the equatorial trough, a permanent low-pressure feature where surface trade winds, laden with heat and moisture, converge to form a zone of increased convection, cloudiness, and precipitation.www.ScienceDirect.com

But by 430pm, the sky cleared up! I was beginning to get lazy by this time but hey, I already brought shoes and running gear. And if the plan of 4min walk and 1min30sec run x7 is just 40 or so mins. Might as well …

And just like that, I was done and looking for treats at 6:38pm.

92.3kms to go! I’m listing down my goodies for finishing my DIY virtual race. It’s beginning to look like a very expensive “race”.

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