Hydrate with jazzed up water

13 Jul

I love drinking coca cola. Fact. But I also know that this whole journey will be better and healthier without my favorite drink. It’s not easy to give it up but as much as possible I say no to my favorite soda.

Instead of turning to other sugarfilled drinks, I’ve started drinking infused water. The one on the pic is one of the more colorful and fun ones. I’ve also tried:

  • orange, lemon, apples
  • lime, cucumber, orange
  • grapes, cucumber, lemon
  • watermelon, cucumber, lime

Add a dash of cayenne pepper to give it a zing.

Add chia seeds to boost it further.

Walking goal : 12 July 2016 :  12,115 steps 

3 tweaks to improve walking form

11 Jul

I’ve completed 1 week of 10,000 steps daily. Yipee! For this week, I will try and focus more on improving my walking form.

Yeah, yeah those of us who can, do spend a good deal of time walking. But have you really paid much attention on how you walk? Do you slouch? Does one leg step farther than the other? Do you swing your arms? Are your abs tight and engaged?

Proper walking form is a contributing factor to how fast you walk, how you can avoid injury and how much you will enjoy your walk. Here are a couple of links that I read to improve my walking form:

– Fitness walking technique and form

– 8 Keys to proper fitness walking

This week I will :
1. Make sure not to overstride. Made that mistake last Saturday and my shins complained. A bit of self-massage helped me make  peace with them.

2. Engage my core.  I find that activating my core helps to align my whole body. My chest opens up, my shoulders drop and I stand taller. The “how do I know I’m doing it right” section of the article linked here has a pretty good description to help you engage your core.


3. Practice Mountain Pose. It really is a simple pose but when done right will help with mindfulness and awareness of proper alignment. Yoga Journal step by step guide here.

Did 15,781 steps today!

How about you, what’s your goal this week?

It’s okay to slack off

10 Jul

Yesterday, I celebrated completing all my errands, finding a dining table on sale and hitting 10K before midday by curling up with a book and enjoying the bed weather the rest of the day. Yes, it was an absolute vegfest.


I could have gone on and on, set new records, etc. But I decided to take it slow. Sometimes, our success push us to do more and that is good. However, sometimes it can also make us to crash and burn. I’m in this for the long haul so I’m quite content to take it slow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I’m still savoring my coffee and listening to the washing machine do its work.


8 Jul


I try to see life through filters. Not to deceive myself or to dilute reality but to see things in a better light, put important aspects into focus and infuse positivity. Life can really be annoying amusing and creative in handing out all sorts of lemons. I find that a good way to cope is knowing many ways to use lemons. Too much lemonade can really be that good. 

Today, work was supposed to start at 1pm so I planned for a long walk, hit 10k steps and have a leisurely brunch. When I woke up, the world was grey. A storm!!! Luckily, by the time I got dressed and ready to go out, the rained calmed down a bit.

Through another filter it would have been a gray, wet and wild…a totally depressing day.

It was that and more…here’s my fb status:


Finished my walk. Brunch was yum. Even did a spot of shopping. Walked through strong winds and rain showers and laughed through it all. Some folks walking with me heard me giggling as I tried to keep my umbrella and myself from being blown away and they too smiled. We did look very funny battling the winds with our brolly. Happy to report that my flimsy brolly survived too thanks to skillful manueverings.

Total steps today 10,030.

4 day winning streak!

7 Jul


Part and parcel of forming a new habit is celebrating your triumph no matter how small.


Happy to report that day is a success! I didn’t even have to jog in pace because I hit the target before I got home. This is thanks to a big long walk after work. Plus the weather cooperated. Yipee!

Excited for tomorrow. Gnyt y’all.

Mixed it up with yoga

6 Jul


Hello PAIN!!!

After a day of intervals followed by silly dancing my titas-of-manila bod is creaking. My walk was more like lolas-of-manila. My quads are still rebelling against all the squats I did last Monday. Twas mid-day when I finally succumbed and took Alaxan FR.

But I intend to triumph over this challenge!

I was not too keen to silly dance again to hit the mark so I decided to take the long route home. As I stepped out of the building, I saw a friend and decided to walk her to her trike stop. It was a pleasant way to log steps and catch up on things. After I dropped her off, I decided to walk to the supermarket and finally get some cucumber to make infused  water. I saw another officemate walking in the same direction. He knew I was way off my usual route home and I explained that my 10K target.  He counts steps too and shared that there are days when he can log as much as 20K from just going around/up&down our office. (Will file that tidbit as an option. Although, won’t I look too dodgy if seen on CCTV to be going up and down the stairs often.)

I discovered a Vietnamese restaurant on my long route home. Oh what a find! Grabbed a banh mi for dinner.

When I got home I was at 9922. *sigh* What to do? Jog in place!!! Haha..Target…HIT!

To finish of the day, I unearthed an old copy of Yoga Journal and selected a gentle routine.

For my practice, I focused on my ujjayi breathing. It kept me centered and mindful.

My take away for today…being centered and mindful will help me triumph!

How was your day? Did you hit your targets?

Silly danced my way to 10K

5 Jul


Well, well, well… today is only day 2 and the challenge is already getting tougher.

I normally bank 4000steps just walking to and from work but an early meeting offsite made me miss my morning walk. The meeting had me chairbound for 3 hours.

By the time I finished the day I was only at 6Ks. I have a looong way to go before I hit my target.

Option 1 : Walk around the park. But, but, but it was raining. *whine* I was not too keen to walk outside.

Option 2 : My friend Kit once said that when he was not hitting his 20K target, he would do jumping jacks to make the mark. Now, I have already established that I am not a fan of Jacks. Scratch this one.

Option 3 : Aha! I can march and jog in place. I put on music and shuffled around the room. Music was good … before I knew it I was dancing silly around the room. After 30minutes of sillydancing I was tired…and hungry. But I was only at 8300++ 1600sumthing  to go.

It stopped raining so I decided to buy dinner. I took the long way, saw a vulcanising shop, found a spa near the house, almost bought avocado and finally circled back to the house. 9500++ Almost there …

Where did I get the last 500? Sillydancing of course. I danced when I setting up dinner. And continued dancing as I washed the dishes. Good thing the housemates were still out.

Day 2 target, ACHIEVE!

Following the stars

4 Jul

The stars said that July 4 is a good day to start  a wellness program. 

So ta-da! 

Today I decided to kick start this new moon with a new goal. I’m going to join the bandwagon and try to hit 10,000 steps a day. 

I got home and I was at 8K so I decided to do a bit of weights and cardio. After 30 minutes, I hit my goal. Not too bad! Hit the goal with 30 steps to spare. Although, I will ‘fess up and tell you know that I skipped the jumping jacks in the program. Hate, hate, hate them. I replaced them with jogging in place instead.
And because I’m really a geek at heart, will also share with you that I just started reading James Clear’s “Transform Your Habits”  free ebook. I’m using the 3Rs of habit change he talked about in the book to keep me on track.

The 3Rs? 

Reminder, Routine and Reward!

It’s a long way from my 80km weeks of 2009 but I do believe that transforming my habits and making better ones will help me get there. Well, not back to 80km weeks … my lola knees won’t be too happy for it. But I do want to build healthier habits and yes get a hot bod while I’m at it. Haha

I will do the steps. Take a step. I will get there …

Willett : The golf ball under my desk

11 Apr


I wake up late … which means I get the news version with world sports, which means I’ve been seeing a lot of golf news. Oh well, might as well do a golf related post.

I did a looong walk last Thursday and another longish one last Sunday, as a result, my old friends – pain and stiffness – are back. My feet and legs are probably cursing my new shoes and praying for its speedy demise. Tough luck, me likee them very much.

Thanks to the extensive coverage of everything Masters this past few days, I remembered another old friend. He’s tucked away at the back of my office drawer. While reading through a report, I took it out and massaged my feet. Bliss. I was surpised to find so many knots. I need to do this regularly now.

Wanna try self massage with a golf ball? Here’s how you can do it.

1. Establish control. Put the golf ball under one foot. Move it around and get used to the motion and  see how best to control the ball.

Tip : The pink box cover is not just for the photo op. It actually prevents the golf ball from rolling all over the place.

2. Warm-up and explore. As much as I love to zero in on the super tight and knot filled arches, I always roll the ball up and down, right and left. Just to warm up and find the tight areas and knots.


Roll the ball up, down, right, left or in circles and exert pressure to loosen up tight areas.

Find a knot, press and hold. If a little bit confused, just imagine how massage therapists work on your shoulder knots, works the same way.

Tip:  Don’t concentrate in one area only. Make sure you  target your heels, toes, the fleshy bit under the toes, arches and the fleshy bit beside it.

Not a runner? Give this a try as well if you spend a long time on your feet, they will need some TLCs, too.

And in honor of new daddy danny, I’m calling my golf ball and self-massage buddy … Willett. 😊

15 May 2016 : NikeWomen 21K MNL

26 Feb


NikeWomen empowers the modern Filipina athlete to take on her biggest challenge yet : the NRC Women’s Half Marathon MNL 2016.

Race Details:
What : NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila
When: 15 May 2016 (Sunday), 4am
Where : Cavitex
Online Registration : http://go.nike.com/0po61h
Registration fee : PHP2,700 per pair payable via credit card or PayPal.

NikeWomen Victory Tour comes to Philippines as the NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila on May 15, 2016.

Nike invites Filipina runners to join the NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila, Nike’s first all-women half marathon in the country. Continuing the tradition and spirit of last year’s race, Filipina participants are invited to register with their best female buddy who is up for taking on bigger challenges and emerging #BetterForIt.

The NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila is part of the largest global women’s event series, the NikeWomen Victory Tour, which will see female athletes around the world challenge themselves and experience the power of the global fitness community through a series of one-of-a-kind running and training events.

Nike has prepared a series of training services for registered runners that include Nike+ Run Club sessions and Nike+ Training Club sessions. As a start point, runners can design their training using the Nike+ Running and Nike+ Training Club Apps that are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

“Nike challenges Filipina athletes in this year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon Manila to run hand-in-hand with their best friend in a race that not only inspires but makes them better for it together. This year, we are raising the bar for runners for them to experience a bigger, more challenging, and far more fulfilling race,” says Patrick Reyes, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines.

Women can register online for the NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016 at http://go.nike.com/0po61h . Registration fee is PHP2,700 per pair payable via credit card or PayPal.


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