Baseline set

22 Feb

I had great 5K run at the Nutrilite Health Run 2015. I didn’t see a single familiar face at the race but it didn’t matter. I had a mission.

I was there to Race!

I was so glad Running Host Boy was giving tips especially to newbie runners. Loved his caution to those with selfie sticks to look around and stay on the side before they whip out their selfie sticks. Getting whacked on the face would have been catastrophic.
At the starting line, I was just to psyched. It’s been awhile. My plan is set and this is the first step.

For this race, I prepared to do a 6:1 walk-run ratio. I’ve been hitting a 8:20ish average pace in my training runs and I was hoping to run a little better. 5years ago, this would be such a lame pace for me but it doesn’t matter, this is where I am now and I will train to get my numbers down again.

This was my first time to run from Blue Bay Walk so I didn’t know what it will be like. I just made a deal with myself to run all the run segments be it uphill or a downhill.

I am happy to report that I completed my 6:1 plan successfully. My only regret was that I didn’t wear my garmin. I might have been able to push harder if I knew my running pace. Nek time.

The timing 5K timing clock was off when I crossed the finish line so I had to rely on my app for time. Based on the app, I crossed in 40min.

So that’s the training pace baseline now. 40min 5K. Next goal, I want to bring it down to 35min.

It is so tempting to just say, I want to finish my next 5K race in 30minutes. It’s a nice round figure but you know what, I have bigger plans and I will be patient.

Found this site that computes training paces. So this is the next phase and I will be training at these paces. I am patient (repeat to self 5x or again and again to keep in check).

Excited to fin a race in early April to see if I can meet my goal.

What’s your training goal?

Thanks so much to Amway and happy 80th anniversary!

3 tips to nail a morning run for non-morning runners

26 Jan

I so love those 3, 4, 5, x steps how-to articles. They make everything sound so easy and doable. So in honor of these articles, here’s my very own 3 steps to nail a long run for all you non-morning runners out there.

TIP NUMBER 1: Wake-up and get up.
Easier said than done folks. How many times have you said that you will wake up early and run in the morning? If you are like me, who crack open one eye and then snuggle back into your pillow then the answer is…countless!

The key, I found out last week is to actually train your body to sleep early and then wake up early. Funny as it sounds, to be able to train and run in the morning, you gotta first train your body and mind to wake up and get up early. I practiced all week and successfully managed to peel myself out of bed last Sunday.

Those tips to sleep at regular times (10pm for me) and set a regular alarm (5:40am for this sleepyhead) really do work. I needed physical and mental conditioning. Try it, try it! And if you are like me and have muscle memory on how to turn-off multiple alarms, then I suggest having multiple alarms. My morning alarm looks like this.IMG_3907.JPG
Turning on my bedside lamp also worked. I have the alarm as audio cue to wake up and then I flip on the lamp switch for a visual cue. With multiple cues, your body and mind will recognise the signs. Pretty soon it will set in that it’s time to WAKE UP.

And when you do decide to wake up, oh yes it is a decision and in my case sometimes an internal debate that lasts longer than my actual run, open your eyes one at a time is okay. And KEEP THEM OPEN. Resist the temptation to close and for your eyeballs to rollback. To energise the body, take a couple or more deep breaths.

When you are ready, GET UP.!

Now that you’re awake and have successfully peeled yourself off your bed. Time to lace up. Go through your morning routine with military precision; try not to tarry coz you might change your kind and crawl back.

It would also help to prepare your gear the night before. I’ve had one morning when I couldn’t find my favorite socks and without it I was so convinced that it would be a lousy run so I just decided to sleep again. Such a loser haha

Go now go, walk out the door… And it would be great if you have planned your route, distance and training paces.

Arrange to run with other people. You really don’t want to keep your friends waiting or worse not show up.

Make a date to meet a friend for breakfast. Arrange your breakfast to be at your end point. Nothing like the thought of a great cup of coffee, bacon, pancakes, silogs etc to get you out of the door and towards that yummy breakfast.

Be kind to yourself. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Happy morning run!IMG_3909.JPG

And here’s the plan for 2015

21 Jan

The plan for 2015 is simple. 2015 Mission : Phase 1 : Run.

Even my training plan is simple. Threw away the paces, chucked the speed workouts and ditched the complicated training plans…for now.

But since I like ticking boxes, seeing my progress and keeping myself on track, I follow this simple program.IMG_3874.JPG
I’ve been doing great so far. 4 runs done, a long one coming up in the weekend.

My inner geek of course is scheming. The short term goal is to complete 4 more weeks and hopefully get back into the groove. 4 weeks is enough to build some kind of running base.

And then…ta-da! I will join a fun run. I will race it. And after, I will sit down and plot my new training paces!

Time has not been on my side lately so 2015 Mission : Phase 2 : Run strong 5s and maybe 10s. What?!! No half? Nope. But i want to keep chipping away seconds off my 5 and 10s.

This plan suits me fine. Finding time to do training runs won’t be as hard and my longs…will be long but won’t take too long.

My time trial race will be on Feb 22 at the Nutrilite Health Run 2015. Whew, posting it is scary but I gotta commit. My todomax might be slow for some but the fun part will be in chipping away seconds race after race.

I am excited but first I have runs to complete and boxes to tick.
IMG_3893.JPGNewbie like me? You still have time to put in some runs and prepare. Feel free to use my walk/run plan. You can do the short runs with 5mins warm-up and cooldown in under an hour and the longs, the longest one is only about 80mins.

I can to eet! You can do eet! We can do eet!

Here are the full race details:

The Nutrilite Health Run will kick off in Manila on February 22, 2015 at the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. The second leg will be on March 1 at the Amway Distribution Center (ADC) in Davao. The final leg will be at the Amway Distribution Center in Cagayan de Oro City on March 15.

Event Schedule
Feb 22 2015 – Manila Leg (Bluebay Walk Pasay)
Mar 01 2015 – Davao Leg (SM Ecoland Parking lot)
Mar 15 2015 – CDO Leg (Jafelmor Bldg. Mortola J.R. Borja St)

Registration Fee
PHP 300 (3km, 5km, 8km)

Registration Site
Manila AMWAY Distribution Center (Makati & Greenfields Shaw)
Cagayan De Oro AMWAY Distribution Center
Davao AMWAY Distribution Center
RUNNR Bonifacio Global City
TOBY’s SM Mall of Asia

Assembly Time & Gun Start
8KM – 430AM – 5AM
5km – 5AM – 520AM
3km – 5AM – 530AM

This race is brought to us by the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand*, Nutrilite. These races will cap of their 80th anniversary celebration. This is Nutrilite’s regional initiative that advocates wellness and healthy living. Three races will be held in three key cities in the Philippines, similar races were also held in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

“Wellness has always been the Nutrilite advocacy since it was first introduce 80 years ago. Through this series of runs, we want to encourage more people to put a premium on their personal wellness. We want more people to eat right, take in the right supplements and exercise,” said Leni Olmedo, Country Manager, Amway Philippines.

Alaska Milk holds country’s biggest football tournament

3 Dec

All roads led to the Ayala Alabang Country Club in Muntinlupa last Nov 29 and 30 when Alaska Milk held the biggest and most eagerly awaited football tournament in the country, the 2014 Alaska Football Cup.

Football players of all ages, from as young as six years old, participated in this annual event organized by Alaska Milk.

Our favorite match for the day featured 4-6 year old players. It was a separate competition for them but equally as exciting. What they may lack in technique they definitely made up with passion. And the crowd around their pitch were cheering just as loudly and enthusiastically as if it was the main featured game.

This annual football event that started in 1995 is the one football tournament that young players from all over the country look forward to every year. As such, it is one of the country’s most successful grassroots development program in football.
This year over 300 players from teams representing schools and football clubs from all over the Philippines including from as far as Compostela Valley to Romblon and Mindoro participated. The Ayala Alabang Country Club field was converted in 30 fields to accommodate for 2 days 4500 players compete in 750 seven-a-side games.
IMG_3749.JPGAlaska believes that sports play an important role in instilling the value of determination, discipline, hard work, team work and sportsmanship among the youth. Sports help them achieve the “winning form” which is Alaska’s goal for the children.

The National Nutrition Survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) revealed issues on health that are best addressed by adopting an active healthy lifestyle and by regular consumption of nutritious food such as milk. Programs such as the Football Cup reinforces Alaska Milk’s thrust in promoting a healthy lifestyle not just by drinking milk but also by engaging regularly in physical activities such as football. Alaska seeks to engage all Filipinos, especially the youth, in sports.

It is in line with Alaska Milk’s program and dream to be part of the lives of more children in the Philippines and encourage these young champions to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle through football.

The tournament develops the athletic skills of participants to the fullest because they compete against athletes of the same age as well as physical and mental development.

Alaska does not just sell milk products. It promotes community development and nation building by nurturing positive values of teamwork, cooperation and fair play through sports activities like the 2014 Alaska Football Cup. Alaska promotes a healthy lifestyle, especially among children, through regular sports activities and proper nutrition.
Watch the best young football players from all over the Philippines this weekend as they compete in various categories. Admission is free.
For more information on the Alaska Football Cup please visit the Website or follow on twitter: @ALASKAsportshub.


MH Urbanathlon : Didn’t think I could do it

26 Nov

And so I said earlier that I was going to do the half again at MH Urbanathlon last November 16. A day before the race, I regained my sanity and decided to downgrade to 5K.

I was being practical and thoughtful haha. See without decent training, the likelihood of me finishing it in under 3hours was slim to none, add in the obstacles and we are looking at 4hrs already. Goodness they might have dismantled the obstacles before I even got to them. Plus, the buffet breakfast at Seda would be closed by then. Let’s weigh it, scrumptious breaky versus a long run. Long run, wins! NOT!

I was pretty happy with the downgrade coz I wasn’t really looking forward to do all the obstacles. Boy, I was soooo wrong.

And so after waiting for the 21 and 10K runners depart, I was ready to start running. Game plan, set!

After a kilometer or so we turned left and started the trail part of the route. I miss running on muddy, slippery, one track paths. Seriously, I really do and enjoyed it. I was also glad that not a lot of runners have gone though it coz the trail wasn’t too slippery yet.

After we got off the trail, I saw the monkey bars. See, I’m a fan of American Ninja Warrior and have always marveled at how they attack them. So, up I go! One hand in front of the other, ready to swing…swing… Uhm, not swinging. Just hanging and slipping and down I got. I could have tried and tried but I know I could never do it. Nyenye! On to the next.

That was not the last disappointment for me, I had to be dragged up to the top of the stacked container vans and the really tall wall near the finish line. Salamat sa lahat ng mga manong na humila at sumalo sa akin. Alam ko pareho tayo ng wish for the new year, sana sa susunod mas magaan na ako. Para sa mga manongs, I will really try!IMG_3713.JPG

I really sucked at these 3 obstacles but oh boy I was really good at the spider wall, tire field, the low walls you have to climb up and over (well I had a little difficulty on the first one) and at the crawling one.

IMG_3711.JPG i did manage to bravely jump off this obstacle. I didn’t think I could go up and over and I’m really happy I tried and succeeded!

Here are some photos I took while waiting for birthday boy Kit and Rod.



CJ, Rod and I, triumphant!

It was a great race with great friends. And I finished in time for a great breakfast!

Thanks Men’s Health, LeadPack,, Running Photographers and nuvali! I will definitely do this again!

Raced and want to see if you have photos as well? Check Running Photographers on Facebook.

Movie Night with the Girls : You’re Not You

26 Nov

Check out my eyes…our eyes! We are so singkit…from all the crying. I had such a great night with the girls at the special screening of You’re Not You. Regular screening starts today, 26 November 2014 at cinemas near you.

It’s a Hilary Swank movie. Walking into the cinema, I knew I was going for a great treat and it did not disappoint.

No spoilers, but what is all about you ask and why all the crying?

Do you remember the #icebucketchallenge that went viral a few months back? I remember watching all the celebrity videos, friends of friends videos and even some friends. They were funny. But beyond that did you ever google what ALS was all about and try to understand it beyond the funny videos? I didn’t. *guilty*

This movie showed what ALS is all about. But beyond the sickness it showed how it affects not only the family but the people they love as well.

What is ALS?
ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As with its most famous patient, American baseball player Lou Gehrig, people who are diagnosed with this condition degenerate as movement are slowly affected until the later stages that result in total paralysis. People who were otherwise healthy in their younger years start to lose control over the use of their muscles, and soon are unable to speak, walk, and feed themselves.

In the movie, Hillary Swank takes on the role of an ALS patient named Kate, a suave, successful classical pianist. She and her husband Evan (Josh Duhamel) are crushed when they find out about her condition, and he goes around looking for someone to take care of Kate as the condition progresses.

Bec(Emily Rossum) is a brash college student and would-be singer who can barely keep her own life together. At first, Evan is hesitant to get her, but Kate sees something special in the younger girl. When Bec takes on the job, they go on adventures of self-discovery and help each other find their own strengths through their weaknesses.

You’re Not You explores how two strangers can bring out the best in each other even in the midst of trials and tribulations. This movie also gives face to the much-talked about ALS and will help people understand the condition better.IMG_3696.JPG

The movie is distributed and released in the Philippines by Octoarts Films International and will be shown in theaters starting November 26, 2014.

The Violator : the lil film that could, did (extra po ako dito)

17 Nov

So proud to be an extra in Dodo Dayao’s Cinema One Originals, the Violator. Last night, they won the Best Picture, Best Sound, Best Editing, and Best Supporting Actor awards.

You can still watch it at Trinoma today at 6pm.

Why watch? Well, Best Picture!

But really extra ako, you can see me.

Seriously, it’s a horror film that will make you look, will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Alam mo may horror, alam mong horror, pero nararamdaman mo lang, napapalibutan ka pero hinahanap mo. Props to superb direction and sounds! And of course to the superb actung of the cast. That kid in the film, you will remember his giggle and stare for a long long time. And… If you go out of that film not freaked out by the line, “…the subscriber cannot be reached…” Tibay mo!

I’m not even going to attempt to give a review dahil as some of you would know, lahat ng shake rattle and roll pinanood ko. But this one is different and new, time for us pinoys to get a re-education from direk dodo.

Do come and see it!

Holiday Treats from Rudy Project

15 Nov

Rudy Project brings you its much anticipated Annual Holiday Sale! Right in time for your Christmas Shopping run, get your hands on the latest in Technically Cool gear with ridiculously low prices and jaw dropping deals! Mark your calendars for this huge sports blow out happening on November 16 to 21 at the Tektite Tower, Ortigas Center.

A few Holiday Treats you can look forward to are: Free Special Edition items; Additional 5% off for BDO Credit Card holders; Free Gift Wrapping; Buy 1 Take 1 deals on Rudy Project Rydon Eye Wear; Free Donuts from November 17 to 21; 40% off on all ORCA items; Special Promos on Rudy Projects Helmets and Bags; Buy 2 Get 1 offers on EFX bracelets; and a 20/20 Promo on Rudy Project Eyewear!
Enjoy Huge Discounts and get Big Savings in the best Holiday Sale in sports gear from a brand trusted by both athletes and sports enthusiasts. It’ll be a very Merry Christmas, indeed!

Rudy Project Technically Cool, for more information check out their website

waiting for adam

6 Oct

A minor surgery to remove my ganglion cyst has stopped me from running for a couple of weeks.

The doc actually said I could run 2 days after the surgery but I wasn’t very comfortable with it. Klutz that I am, I was worried that I would trip, land on my injured hand and rip open the stitches. Haha! Hyperactive imagination much?

So anyways, after 2 weeks rest, I finally laced up again. Doc assured me that after 2 weeks everything has fused back and my wound will not open like a guppy’s mouth if I put pressure on it.

PROGRAM : 5min run and 2min x 8

I did pretty well until the 7th repeat then I had a little pain on my right knee. Maybe too long, too soon? So I slowed down a bit. On the last one, I decided to just do strides. Wee, speed!


What about Adam?

Since I’m simply training for endurance now, I don’t run with a watch to monitor pace, distance etc. I use an app called Seconds Pro. I create a timer to match my running program and pair each interval with a playlist. Mindless workout for me. No more checking time. How does it work?

Fast music = Run
Slow music = Walk

But what about Adam?

Well, the Adam playlist is reserved for my cooldown segment. When Adam starts singing he is out there waiting or that he is at the pay phone trying to call home or sunday morning rain is falling , I know that I’ve finished another workout and its time to walk.

I so look forward to hearing him.


Do you use an app when you train?

I’m doing the Half++ at Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014 on Nov 16

15 Sep

A half with obstacles! Ohyes…haha…so I figured I should just tell the universe in advance that I’m doing this so that my guardian angels can prepare.
WHAT : Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014. This signature event of Men’s Health worldwide is a unique race that combines an endurance run with strategically placed obstacles against an urban backdrop.

WHEN : November 16

WHERE : a NEW venue for us to explore at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

- A new challenge people! Sure you can run 5, 10 or 21Km but can you handle the obstacles? Plus where else can you get a chance to climb over a bus, run through a tire field and duckwalk your way. If you want to know and prepare for all the obstacles grab a copy of next month’s Men’s Health issue.

– for me, it’s a chance to do ala-american ninja warrior challenges

– the finisher’s medal is really cool…and so is the shirt…especially the 21K shirt. And yes, I signed up for 21K for the shirt and I will finish! Although I’ve told people that if I’m not at the finish line by a certain time to please come look for me haha.

CATEGORIES : 5k, 10K and 21K

– For a more specific training plan, grab a copy of the September 2014 issue of Men’s Health where 60-day routine that will help you get race ready is outlined.

- For me, starting this week, I’m allocating one combo day of run and some crossfit-ish stuff. The plan is to run example 400m and then do squats or crunches. So if you see a girl runnng and then drop to the ground, it’s probably just me training or nadapa na naman ako. Will have to limit myself to legs and abs for now. Going in for irritating ganglion cyst surgery on Thursday.

Sold ka na? Sali ka na? Here’s how you can register.
– ONLINE : Visit Open until 31 Oct2014

– Registration Centers located at Planet Sports BGC, Planet Sports Trinoma, Golds Gym Glorietta, Golds Gym Galleria and Golds Gym Katipunan until 9 Nov 2014.

5K – Php 850
10K – Php 900
21K – Php 950

For further updates about the event, log on to



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