19.44kms : of donuts and socks

Oct 30 | 7.45 Km | The donut run

Shh… I ran to the meet up point. Then we walked and walked. Checked out what’s happening in and around Makati. Looked at the other Makati underpass artworks. Saw the restos that survived (are surviving) this pandemic.

But tbh, the goal remains the same. Run to and for a good breakfast. Keti said we were going to GreenBar. I would have balked at going to a veg resto except she sent me the menu and saw donuts. So fluffy.

I settled for their Glazy Donut Sandwich. The thinking behind this of course is if the Crispy Fried ChickUn and Tofu egg were total failures, I would still have the donut. 😁 Luckily, all the elements just worked perfectly and they have good coffee, too. So yep, had a veg breakfast and probably the fluffiest donut in town. I bought 2 for merienda andnI will definitely be coming back for more.

Nov 1 | 4.29km | My old socks

When we were starting out, many many years ago, Tin mentioned a brand of socks. Thorlos. She said they were really good but a bit pricey.

Then, one blogger’s night (many many years ago also) we met people from Thorlos. I remember one rep saying that yep they are expensive but they last a long long time. They gave us a free pair. I tried it for a run and bought one more because they were really comfy. Cushioning was divine!

Fast forward to last Monday, as I slipped on my Thorlos, I remembered what the rep said. Boy, he didn’t lie! The cushioning after many kms, runs and years haven’t changed. They are a bit scruffy but they are still my favorite pair. They have even managed to evade sock heaven and have remained together.

Maybe when I successfully complete this challenge, I will get another pair again as part of my rewards package. I wonder if they have pink ones. We can but hope.

19.44 done, 80.56 to go!

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