Murphy made me do it

Well, hello Murphy. Thanks for dropping by last Sunday. You truly made your presence felt across several timezones.

I had a great plan for Sunday night. I was going to run. Even better, I also had a great excuse not to run. Slacker! I was going to join a virtual celebration for T&M. Perfect guiltfree reason not to move my @$$ 😁

And then tech glitches nixed my perfect excuse. So with no excuse but to lace up, laced up I did.

Gee, thanks Murphy.

This time around though things turned out in my favor. See, the last 2 runs Murphy was against me.

Imagine, 2 times. I ran, tripped and turned ankle. Twice!

We’ll it wasn’t all Murphy. Huge contributing factor is prolly my general tendency not to look 6 feet in front of me. And both times, my feet found and landed on uneven pavement on an otherwise nice and even road

Last night, I was determined break the twisting my ankle trend. I made sure that I kept my eye on the road.

No tripping and twisting my ankle last night. But boy oh boy, seeing all the rats staring or scurrying away … Was.Not.Fun!

I did not shriek. I did now squeal. But I did look back to make sure they have not decided to run after me.

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