Ran Run Ortigas, I was really just going to walk it but … here’s the long story. RunRio and Ortigas and Co. Ltd via Vimz made me do it.

And I’m so glad I did because…

I got to catch up with these amazing runners again. When I started running and blogging sila kasama, kasabay at hinahabol ko. Kakamiss!

I ran. Well I walked too especially Km3 – it was hellishly hilly. But but but … I ran!!! The triple exclamation points ay dahil about a month ago, I decided to quit trying to get back into running. I said, I will just walk.

I’ve even prepared my Walk A Half Marathon plan. I was at peace with my decision.

Then the invitation to Run Ortigas 2022 came.

I said, “Ahh, perfect! 1hr cut-off for 5k, I can try my walking plan.” You see, my longest walk was 8.36km. I hit the 5km mark then at 1h7min (13min -ish per km) . Soooo… if I run a bit to get a 12min/km pace. Achieve, right!

Well… that was the plan. Until race day came and we ended up starting late and I was one of the last people who started.

I do not want to come in last!!! And so I ran. iTired! Maybe I can pass that runner … Can! Maybe I can open up my stride a bit … Can! Maybe I can run all the downhills, Can! Maybe after xmin walk, I can run for xsec … Can! Ay may photog, run …Can! And so I ran more than I had planned. My 12min/km was cut to 9:08min/km.

It was so good to be back!

TheRoute – Ortigas … love your rolling running route. Before you get truly built up, please sched more races. Oh and the chrissy light canopy was delightful

RaceCoords. Plenty of marshalls really helped to keep the race route safe. 2 water stations for 5km, but no cups. But! They did tell us to bring something. I didn’t, so this is on me.

RunnersVillage. 1300+ runners joined and there was enough space for runners and cuttie doggos. They even had a first aid tent for the doggies. But i think the biggest hit was the post race zumba 😊

So … will I go back running? For now I will continue with my walk a half plan. But maybe on weekends, I will sneak in a few strides. Maybe, maybe, maybe.


5 thoughts on “Joy!

      1. Oh my…true on that! 🤣 Dati nilalakad ko iyang stretch na iyan — starting from Eastwood tapos Tiendesitas, then kakanan sa Julia Vargas. Yung uphill sa may City Golf at Ortigas Home Depot pamatay talaga!

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