bananaspillsi love microblogging!

20100911 – when “final” doesn’t bring closure, parang mas gumugulo. Still wishin’ hopin’ n prayin’ for clarity&bliss that we feel after a great run off to Xanadu-oooh! 3:10 AM Sep 11th

Running with T2 tom. Wee! 9:56 PM Sep 10th

whew! survived that one. Bread is cheaper than TV. But it was such a bargain… 9:28 PM Sep 9th

a very bad feeling… 9:17 PM Sep 9th

they said never shop with an empty stomach. Full. Let’s test the theory. I have a feeling about today. 9:16 PM Sep 9th

pakpak and isol. sawsaw sa suka, kalamansi, 1 sili na pula and few drops of toyo. 9:15 PM Sep 9th

Freedom! 8:20 PM Sep 9th

meeting no.2 5:51 PM Sep 9th

shang lobby smells like baby powder. 5:04 PM Sep 9th

on a type 2a cabbie: oldies music. Think Boxer and Joni Joni please dont cry 4:53 PM Sep 9th

no traffic! this is probably the only good thing about going to work on a Ph holiday. 4:43 PM Sep 9th

off to work. 3:58 PM Sep 9th

cross-eyed na. the answer lies with the windmills. find the pic. mystery solved. sleep na. work tomorrow. hay! 7:27 AM Sep 9th

restless. searching through stacks of photo. seeking the truth. 6:41 AM Sep 9th s

aw tweets on PG song lyrics. reminds mo lang of classmate at Uni. Parang magkaibang level. *peace* 6:06 AM Sep 9th

my makunat muscles improving. Finally did a full bridge again. Now i need to go a little lower & stronger when i do my warrior poses. 6:04 AM Sep 9th

Beef tapa at Pasta Works. Yum! 3:21 AM Sep 9th

walking! And walking straight. Easy 5 later then body balance. 3:59 PM Sep 8th

morning after 13K. plantars. ankles. Calves. Shin. PLs. quads. Hams. Wow! No pain. Maybe getting up wont be so hard. 3:10 PM Sep 8th

no avocado. melon shake. Double milk. good nuff. 5:10 AM Sep 8th

walk/run. Loooooooong. 13K. Felt good. and i know i will be singing a diff tune tom. In search of avocado shake now. 4:41 AM Sep 8th

been chasing them tush over many races. Uber Strong! would love to hear their side. Splits cant lie. 9:57 PM Sep 7th

ultra dark and gloomy. Nothing a little due process cant fix eh. 9:53 PM Sep 7th

i also wondered if needed. Can i swim kaya to shore? last night while we were drifting back to shore i wondered if the color of the sky was a mixture of black, white & burnt sienna 4:42 AM Sep 7th

body balance done. Need to tape up and go. 3:16 AM Sep 7th

Tuesday, be nice. 3:30 PM Sep 6th

waiting to get on board the USS George Washington. 1:31 AM Sep 6th

hay wordpress, why cant i add an image to my post. Work with baby. 3:47 PM Sep 5th

*internal dialogue* Wake up early. hit the gym. Suit up. It’s gonna be one of those loooong days. now how do i squeeze in 400s 5:05 AM Sep 5th i want me one of those glow in the dark minions. 4:48 AM Sep 5th 8 is enough.

21k for the week. Haha so lame. 4:08 PM Sep 4th

if you survive the first km. You have 20 more to endure mwahahahaha 9:16 PM Sep 3rd

awake. alert. enthusiastic. Still wearing pink kicks. Newtons for today. Hello corregidor! 2:13 PM Sep

3rd bad ass bloke on my team answered a Glee question for us. :o) 4:51 AM Sep 3rd

didnt lift or run. but still did 2. tri night + swim. 4:48 AM Sep 3rd

Β im ranked 1844 at 5:49 AM Sep 2nd had the pool to myself. sa first half of my swim. 5:45 AM Sep 2nd shared a chika chika cabbie ride with Q 4:23 AM Sep 2nd and just like that natapos. 3:34 AM Sep 2nd sam milby running at the blue water day spa run. May pppacer kaya? 3:32 AM Sep 2nd sometimes a dedicated bloggers launch is much fun. Less glitter but it starts on time and you can really talk about the upcoming race. 2:03 AM Sep 2nd swim! Later… 5:31 PM Sep 1st North Park Leviste ran out of regular coke. I aske if i could buy one&bring it in, pede pero may P5O corkage! Grrrr. 5:38 AM Sep 1st Now i need to find xtn n vix. Yoohoo! 3:21 AM Sep 1st 9! 3:20 AM Sep 1st so i had a couple of dreams last night. An earthquake. And mesh with a new style – chopped layers. Alin ang nightmare? Ü 8:54 PM Aug 31st T2 run later! Then chocolate fire after. Wee! 8:51 PM Aug 31st i didnt realise i was flatout tired from the holidays until my 3pm siesta lasted until 1am. 4:31 PM Aug 30th Hello work week! Boby balance then easy run. 4:28 PM Aug 30th and i found out the hardway that window shopping is not recommended for people with low EQ. 7:47 PM Aug 29th joining a race route test run on sat. testing myself also. lemme see, can i still run? 10:30 AM Aug 29th home! 7:59 AM Aug 29th all my endurance training paid off this week. I managed to keep up w/ my 76yo mom and her bionic knees. 8m-11pm everyday! UltraMom! 1:23 AM Aug 29th just when i thought they have few running playgrounds. We passed runners at Pok fu lam road. Wow! Tough route. Ala sierra. 2:58 AM Aug 27th mnl-hk, boarding. pls pls no no no no backlash. please. i wanted bonk their collective heads too. 1:53 PM Aug 25th it might not be accepted in some establishments. But you gotta love one of the perks of Diners Club.airport lounge access Ü 12:46 PM Aug 25th not so bad ah. Clean. Big bathroom. staff were friendly. Kulang lang soundproofing. Cant wait for the other branches 11:51 AM Aug 25th about to chk in for cx904 mnl-hk flight. Talk about another uber early start. 11:50 AM Aug 25th tis not the time for shoulda coulda woulda. Time for action. Gmorning world! 2:35 PM Aug 24th a truly sad day. My prayers to the victims and their family. 5:09 AM Aug 23rd i cant help but watch. But i also know that half the things they showed on tv prolly compromised pnp tactical advantage. 5:07 AM Aug 23rd ate the freshest uni ever. straight from the sea. I even opened them myself. Manang cleaned. Kalamansi. *slurp* yum. 2:34 AM Aug 23rd off to Matnog! 2:44 PM Aug 22nd opps. at the awarding 1st pinay elite blasted a few bikers who drafted her. 1st pinoy elite was delivered a very charming speech naman. gnyt 5:31 AM Aug 22nd checkout camsur results here 12:59 AM Aug 22nd raining. good for those who are still raining. it was sooo hot today. 10:09 PM Aug 21st tri cheering is serious business. we smell like the athletes na rin. tanned like them too. 10:08 PM Aug 21st mesh done 6:19ish. yey! lunch! 9:28 PM Aug 21st mesh heading to finish line na! Yey! Irpn mesh! 8:44 PM Aug 21st pool murky parang galing lake :0( 5:09 PM Aug 21st okay. time for our swim while waiting for mesh to finish the bike leg 4:58 PM Aug 21st mesh out of the water in 43 or 44 minutes. faster than her matabungkay. and a fast transition too. 😦 didnt catch when sa bike start 4:45 PM Aug 21st michele jones 1st woman out. 2:57 PM Aug 21st pete jacobs. Chased by T. Both out of the water. Mesh still chasing blue caps. Waiting for her to come out. Soon. 2:55 PM Aug 21st have seen Papa P and Papa T! Ü 2:38 PM Aug 21st 40 and above males are off. And mesh. Ha! Of course we had to chase her. She forgot her gatorade. 2:37 PM Aug 21st Swim! elites almost at the turn around. Lead male age groupers 18-39 chasing down tail of elites. 2:37 PM Aug 21st just finished yum dinner with mom&pop villanueva. athlete and support crew. carboloaded. goodnight! race fierce but safe friends! 5:40 AM Aug 21st but lovin’ some of the shoes i’ve seen here. 1:52 AM Aug 21st checked out the lake. saw the bike/run route with yellow buntings. gears all looked fab. i think i still prefer to be a tri-cheerer. 1:52 AM Aug 21st saw pics of the new NB Minimus Trail Running shoes. The black with yellow soles looked soooo fine! 9:46 AM Aug 20th panic packing mode. Off to camsur to cheer for IronMesh. 3:20 AM Aug 20th it was easy to spot the OphtaDoc’s clinic. Almost all the patients outside her clinic were wearing shades. Sore eyes season yata. 7:00 PM Aug 19th Sore eyes. Wait. Should it be sore eye lang, kasi only my left eye is swollen shut? I can still run, right? Gargh! 4:22 PM Aug 15th long run sunday. Welcome to the slacker life. 10K for my long. 4:18 PM Aug 12th after the 6K. Tiiiiimberrrrr! The book run this Sunday will be fun. *ulk* 4:03 PM Aug 11th Ran 6.3 kilometers in 49 mins and felt good. went once around the usual loop for warm up and additional 1K. Better than yesterday. Ü 4:32 AM Aug 11th 6K and a bit. Wee!!! 4:27 AM Aug 11th ah eh. i meant 42mins, hahaha 5:23 PM Aug 10th Ran 5 kilometers in 4 mins and felt good. 4:08 PM Aug 10th will tweak to 2 activites a day. Today: Lift & Easy 5K. Then will continue exploring MyWhys tonight, 3:47 PM Aug 10th 2out of 3 aint bad. Ran my 5K. Tired. Stretched. now if i can only peel myself off this yoga mat, i can go home and sleep. 5:39 AM Aug 10th body balance, upper body and 5K. that’s the plan for today. Oh, wait, work first then workout. Hope this works. 4:34 PM Aug 9th double&triple booked sat&sun. caught up w/ lotsa friends. 2 movies. shopping. tri shop opening. now if i only managed to run… 7:32 AM Aug 8th parang may helen vela vibe ang new look ni loren legarda 5:11 PM Jul 26th waiting na for the sona blog entry ni professional heckler :o) 3:50 AM Jul 26th sew ready. bonding with the juki. 5:03 PM Jul 23rd my neverwhere. Nowhere to be found. :o( 4:12 PM Jul 15th API @mayilopa hey just read your entry on running camsur . hirap magcomment sa blogspot. hay! just wanted to wish you well sa training :0) 7:38 PM Jul 13th lovin my bangs but when i run tom, im sure i’d be regretting this haircut. 10:22 PM Jul 10th front page. 1st purple (w/very nice shoes). then red 2day. and she wanted to be low profile. but i still like her purple shoes. πŸ˜€ 11:20 PM Jul 5th attending a 4th of july party on the 1st of july 1:54 AM Jul 1st asus! 1:08 AM Jul 1st im excited to hear the inaugural speech na. if may hope for the flowers, pati rin sa pinoy. :o) 7:48 PM Jun 27th 2 mojitos at belinis. Now ready for some zzzz. offseason is bliss. 8:02 AM Jun 26th having triplets at 66. Parang di na yata tama yun. 1:56 AM Jun 15th i officially miss running 1:28 AM Jun 14th all my bags are not yet, i dont think im ready to go. Ahhh panic time. 9:35 AM Jun 13th crazy to be looking for winter stuff at the tail end of our summer but i did find poofy jacket. 8:41 PM Jun 12th last day of waking up early. Next week, i have to wake up earlier. Waaah! ay Baclaran day! Traffic. 3:40 PM Jun 8th smile no. 1: =ON! 5:10 PM Jun 6th this is taking forever and a day …. 7:56 PM Jun 5th Yey! Those who can’t run are still allowed to join postrun breakfast. 5:34 PM Jun 5th doc said i should take one week off from running. Sucks just got my groove back. 10:07 PM Jun 4th breakfast. Dic pins and needles. bum around. 4:14 PM Jun 4th i spy my silverstein book. It should cheer me up. 5:35 PM Jun 3rd extra challenge for the day. walk without flexing left foot and bending right knee. 1:31 AM Jun 3rd hay! They always have a good movie on at this hour. Kainis. 2:30 PM Jun 1st wore the HRM again. 200 kcals. so easy to consume. so hard to burn. 3:01 AM May 31st feeling so girly in my frilly and swirly dress. 3:01 PM May 30th hello gatorade my old friend. hydrating for tom. 3:14 AM May 29th in a meeting. Room is freezing cold. 11:06 PM May 26th pati ba naman si manoling… 6:02 PM May 25th 31May2010 – curled my hair to match my frilly-swirly-girly dress. 27May2010 – taking down my dancing bananas first. *RAWR* but such is life. it is easy to drown out a single voice.

26May2010 i luv luv my Banana-nag-split and friends. Thanks Rod!

118May2010 looong day. so looong i don’t think i can pull off a short run.
8May2010 12 more hits to 100,000. :o)

13May2010 we stopped at the fast lane of SLEX to get a pix Dingdong’s Nature Valley ad. πŸ˜€ Check it out! If you are south bound, it’s right after magallanes. yihee! Level up!

11May2010 Woohoo! Dude it worked! Thanks for the latundan with pink rubbershoes. πŸ˜€

10May2010. Election day. Unlike friends who had to queue for 3 hours, I finished voting in less than 10minutes. Pasig teachers and Comelec (in my area), good job! My only worry is that I got the indelible ink out in under a minute.Hmmm. If you can and haven’t yet, do go out and vote!

25Marl2010 – purple, silver, black, blue and pink. new ballet flats. Weee! now i want gray, red, blue, pink and white … newtons! haha

23March2010 – boooooooored. teleport me out of here. NOW!

22March2010 – Not 1:10 but 1:14 for 15K is still awesome! Go Piolo! πŸ˜€ got bullied in the pool today. Boo!

20March2010 – will Piolo run a 1:10 15K? I think there are evil plans afoot. haha. been computing, will be tough but it’s a flat course so for now I say … Go Piolo!
11March2010 – should be posting. no time. but had time run. that’s worth a … Whopee!!! thumb brushing hip bone. works.

7March2010 – just got home after cheering at bdm. the finish line made me teary eyed several times. congratulations to the newest ultra marathoners of the Philippines. you guys and gals are simply amazing. to Ria and Emer … waging wagi!!!
26Feb2010 -what to do today. friday!

25Feb 2010 – Happy Birthday Grethel! Oh and today, I ran with Haile. Yes as in Gebrselassie. Not a tall tale. i have pics. woohoo!!!! later …

22Feb2010 -fun times at the globe run for home 2010 launch. great to catch up with friends and meet more fellow bloggers. πŸ˜€

14Feb2010 – happy valentine’s day. happy chinese new year. but for me it’s … Nuvali, Nuvali but you! Will hit the trails in a bit!

12Feb2010 – 50 in 18. :o) doable, ya?

9Feb2010 – It’s only Tuesday but I have learned a few things already : 1. I can still race. 2. I still float. 3. I can still BJam, not very gracefully bcoz legs a bit jell-o after 8×400.

9feb2010 – the track is just 1.2kms from the house. it’s free. now i just need to wake up earlier. for today its back to 8 x 400 @ 5K pace. to hammer or not to hammer?

6feb2010 – Attach the reflector at knee-hight on the side of your body towards the center of the road. The reflector must swing freely and be visible to the front and rear. Hmmm… so how, where and weh? Hahaha. I’d be so interested to see where you guys will put your reflectors. oh and high or height? See, giveaway pa lang fun na. πŸ˜€

2feb2010 – Specificity. important in training. i usually pray and ask that sana I’d win in the lotto and I did. 20pesos. Specificity. important when praying, too.

1feb2010 – added another ring today. it’s been a shining shimmering splendid year. i want more more more … :o)
31Jan2010 – spent the weekend with mom. fun!

29Jan2010 – yesterday. 2x(4×400) 1min RI. 2min RI between sets. 3rd repeat in the set is a hammer. I wanted to cry.

27Jan2010 – ayan pantay na. i have jell-o legs to match my jell-o arms. 7.5K, done.

27Jan2010 – i wish i could blog more often. dry spell. hope to come back soon. in the meantime, i hope i can start feeling my arms soon too. did bis and tris. they are now jell-o.

22Jan2010 – good morning. easy or tempo

21Jan2010 – *relief* airing it all out makes it easier for me to keep moving forward.

21Jan2010 – sometimes i wonder why i train like crazy. train like im an athlete when im not even one. hay. sometimes lang naman.

21Jan2010 – Happy birthday KMon! Happy Birthday Claire!

14Jan2010 – Touchdown Baguio! Ms Piggy and Kermit wedding tomorrow. :o)

14Jan2010 – long was short. 1K short. finished workout with chocomilk. yum!

8-12 Jan 2010 Β … lost spills>> the one about p.20?!?! and p.42, 47, 72 and 76 = eye candy. then there’s the one about doing 200, 400, 600, 800, 600 and 200. and then this morning’s loving new run routines. fat clumsy fingers. hay. …

7Jan2010 – been lifting. sore all over. ran 10x200m plus 2K easy last night. im pleased to report i hit my pace. 16K tonight? hmm.

5Jan2010 – everything in slowmo. i need zZzZzZz.

05Jan2010 – making lemonade

31Dec2009 – ran with T2 today. fun! resting now. will resume running next year.

29Dec2009 – so i had another evil plan early this morning. timing would have been perfect. sent a few emails and counted my coins. not enough to get me to that race yet. back to the piggy bank. maybe i should buy lotto ticket.

29Dec2009 – its almost 2010. i logged 45kms last week. i hope to be back to normal mileage by mid January. If I totally zonk out … let me wish you an advance happy new year. πŸ™‚

23Dec2009 – Happy Birthday Vicky!!! Ran with my rabbits yesterday. Fast and furious 5K. with 2K warmup and 3K cooldown. Oh and I saw the teaser for something nice coming out on January 2010. Congratulations in advance! I promised not to tell so just wait for it to hit the stores and the blogs.

21Dec2009 – i did doubles. i did doubles. oh i pity my soles. 10K am run + 8K pm run.Β  Boo-ya!

13Dec2009 – did a shoot. that was hilarious. too funny. i swear i DONT write the blog in flowing multicolored dress. but at least i got nice soft lighting. thanks PLF!

11Dec2009 – you know that friends have reached a new level of crazy when they both agree to do not 1 not 2 but 3 marathons maybe even 4 the next year…when one has a bum left foot and the other a bum right foot. if you know where to buy a set of uninjured feet please let me know. i know a pair of loonies looking for one to share. oh and can you please tell Santa that they’ve been good and that’s all they want for Christmas. Please.

9Dec2009 – finally went back to TeamBR Speedworkout. Drills. ATP-CP. Then hilot with CoachS. Happy days are here again!

7Dec2009 – spike in the stats. i suppose you guys are eagerly awaiting to read about the Singapore International Marathon 2009! I am too. Cmon people… write! We want to hear all about it. πŸ˜€

28Nov2009 – 10 days was way too long to be away from the blog. bad bad bad connection. dunno why.

18Nov2009 – 10K last night was nice. easy and breezy. its beginning to feel a lot like christmas. lotsa christmas lights in our route.

16Nov2009 – 6K! Yipee!!!

15Nov2009 – almost home. cross-eyed sleepy. 1 more hour here at the airport and then another 4 to manila.

13Nov2009 – all my bags are packed im ready to go …

13Nov2009 – i should lay off the soda. i think im dehydrated. zero runs and im thinking of changing again the training paces i have settled on. tempting. will the knees complain. with PLs and ITBs act up. lets see. que sera sera

08Nov2009 – one week rest. zero runs. done. did a lot of good. im excited to train again.

06Nov1009 – carboloading time for all you PIM runners! Have fun on Sunday guys! Mari! BQ!!! πŸ˜›

05Nov1009 – still no runs. enjoying the end of a season. can i start running week after next na lang please.

04Nov1009 – done. you gotta watch out for the sidelights of this race. pero tomorrow na. museum again tomorrow.

03Nov1009 – you know i had a good race when the race reports takes forever and a day. it was good. im writing writing writing now. gotta finish it before i hit the museums.

02Nov1009 – blog or shop? haha. must still be dehydrated if i had to ask that question.

01Nov1009 – unofficial results are out. 4:37: 51. Flying 8000mi to run 26.2mi wasn’t such a bad idea, eh? πŸ˜€ Thanks to T2 New York Support Chapter (a.k.a. my family). T2 rocked NY! PRs all around!

01Nov2009 – THIS IS IT!

31Oct2009 – Blog just turned 2!

26Oct2009 – it’s still the 26th. been the 26th way too long. πŸ˜€

21Oct2009 – Got my eReg card.

16Oct2009 – training is a mess. house is a mess. fighting molds and dust. i smell of lysol and zonrox with a hint of detergent. for sunday at QCIM … que sera sera

15Oct2009 – 10K slow with a little bit of rain. leisurely breakfast. then its time to scrub down the house!

13Oct2009 – Oh Stan. The Plan. 😦 Eeek Tuesday the 13th!

09Oct2009 – 15K Done. Tune in again tonight to RunRadio NU107 9-10pm. Baldrunner will be our guest. … Go Team Bananarunning! Oh we need more in the team … join us!

08Oct2009 – Hungry. Sweet tooth on hyperdrive. tsk tsk tsk

08Oct2009 – will rest later. run again on Friday. hope to sit down and finally write about the Hilot Party.

06Oct2009 – got a call today. will be on board again on Friday at RunRadio NU107 9-10pm.

04Oct2009 – Fisherman’s Friend is my new friend! No coughing fits during the race. Yey!

03Oct09 – Goodnight folks. Long run Sunday! Go TeamBananarunning! It’s Sunday so lets rack up some miles. Going 36 long tom. Wish me luck!

02Oct09 – rain rain go away. just go away. come back next year. rainy season begone! please…

02Oct09 – singing in the rain. hoping for a bit of sunshine tomorrow. err… maybe i should stop singing.

01Oct09 – 2 down and 3 to go this week. lets go nice and slow.

28Sep09 – flood flood go away

26Sep09 – Done. It was fun. Well while I was on board my knees were shaking like crazy. Now that Im home and just thinking about it. I know I had fun … just that half of it and half the things I said … I cant remember hahaha. Thanks Jay, Marga, Vimz and Mari!

24Sep09 – kung bukas ikaw ay nalulungkot at walang makausap TUNE IN to RunRadio 9-10pm at NU107. I will pinch-hit for Jaymie tomorrow. Wish me luck!

24Sep09 – waah!!!

21Sep2009 – watched “In My Life” with mom. Fun!

19Sep2009 – another sunday. another Half. see you all tomorrow!

19Sep2009 – Exciting times. 6days to go and im already getting scared. Tune in next week to RunRadio 9-10pm at NU107.

160909- 2x(2X1200) should have been 3 sets. cross-eyed tired after 2 sets. rest. rehydrate. sleep. gnyt. tomorrow meeting all day. yikes.

130909- 1 down and 2 more Halfs to go. Unofficial time 2:10. I’ll tell you the story behind the 400m dash later.

090909- eek. 15K yesterday. FAIL! Today. 5K hamster run. A few more kms later this afternoon.

7Sep09 – Today: Chest-Shoulders-Bis-Abs. Tomorrow: Back-Tri-Abs. 15K run. Big day.

7Sep2009 – Happy Birthday Kuya!

6Sep2009 – I counted. I came in 7th again. This time at the Masters 15K.

4Sep2009 – hotcake drowning in syrup. washed down with regular coke. sugar rush!!!!!!

2Sep2009 – Yipee! If you’re happy & you know it clap your hands. legs dead cant do a jig. *runners high* 33K long. done.

1Sep2009 – PlanZ. Slightly crazy but it could work. If it doesn’t, I will still have fun along the way.

1Sep2009 – I will survive!

1Sep2009 – Start of the -ber months so being Pinoy let me start by wishing you …Happy Holidays!Yesterday. Rain stopped at 4pm so … I did! I did! 2x(6x400m) plus a few easy kms recovery. Finished weights early this morning. Done for the day. Oh wait, I still need to work pala.

31Aug2009 – i should. i know. but its raining and i just washed the lunars.

25 Aug 2009 – 33Km. Chafed. Araguy. At rest.

24 Aug 2009 – Congrats to Ting! 2nd in her age group at the Cobra 70.3! As for running this week… schedule all jumbled and confused. Hitting the mileage will be a challenge.

21 Aug 2009 – Last night. 32 plus 15x50m strides. Fun. ShoutOut!!!! Mesh, Ting, JunC, Harry and Hubert and to all ye trying tri at Camsur. Go for broke! At tandaan … HINDI UMAATRAS ANG MAY TUNAY NA LAKAS.

19 Aug 2009 – 10K it wasn’t easy. lazy bug bit hard. oh and camsur is sooo near. so look into my eyes … “BAWAL MAGKASAKIT!”

19 Aug 2009 – *sing with me* Bakit kaya ang buhay ng runner … may asa results at api sa mundo. Kapalaran at finish times kung hanapin di matagpuan; at kung minsan asa results lalaki naman. Bakit kaya may ligaya’t lumbay? Sa pagtakbo, may bigo’t tagumpay?

18 Aug 2009 – 😦 I’m not in the runpix results. Pati si Mesh 😦

18 Aug 2009 – Yesterday 2×1200 then 4×800 and 10K recovery. When did 10K become a recovery distance? mwahahaha

16 Aug 2009 – Last night, Urbanite 15K 1:33. Exited to see results at Today, am 7.5K and pm 6K. Wasted. Gnyt!

15 Aug 2009 – cant get my hair wet. hmm. thats going to be a challenge.

14 Aug 2009 – tee dum. tee dum. tee dum.

14 Aug 2009 – Rest. Maybe weights. Maybe swim. Running shoes will all stay at home so I won’t be tempted.

13 Aug 2009 –Β  pancakes drowning in maple syrup *repeat*. finally did the looooong run last night. i like! it took forever and a day but i completed 32!

12 Aug 2009 – pancakes drowning in maple syrup. yum!

12 Aug 2009 –Β  when i run tonight, I wonder, will i see the meteor shower?

11 Aug 2009 – when was the last time you had a massage? i just had one. πŸ™‚

10 Aug 2009 – 6 interval + 9 easy = Im sooo tired. Zzzzz. Not running tomorrow. Well … maybe some drills. We’ll see. Gnyt!

10 Aug 2009 – 9Km for the birthday run and another 23km in the afternoon. a successful doubling. waiting for sunset now so I can start. 3×1600 plus easy 10.

8 Aug 2009 – Watching a movie later to have a bit of change from the usual carboload-sleep-run weekend. Today, 6Km. Done. Wish me luck, its going to be loooooooong one tomorrow.

7 Aug 2009 – Today is 07.08.09.

7 Aug 2009 – wondering. wandering.

7 Aug 2009 – I finally tried the ATP-CP workout. Tried so I only did 2K. Ran 50m hard, walk 50m x 20. CoachS, it was fun! Then another 15K uber easy with Keti. Riders … wet

6 Aug 2009 – Happy Birthday Dingdong! Forecast: Wet run

5 Aug 2009 – home so early. so strange. will now try to sleep earlier than usual. gnyt folks.

5 Aug 2009 – 10K done. “Handog ng pilipino sa mundo, mapayapa paraang pagbabago.” … what made her great was she was able to lead us to do something great.

3 Aug 2009 – rained all night. RHS track probably flooded … went to the gym instead. Rain or shine later … no choice!

2 Aug 2009 – Goal: Power nap. Outcome: 6hour snoozefest. Overachiever?

2 Aug 2009 – I spy … lotsa runners out on their long runs this morning. Great long run weather with a gentle shower around 9ish. Nice. I enjoyed a short 5K and lazy Sunday morning walk. Bukas, Monday na. Ohwee!!!

1 Aug 2009 – finally returned to Ultra last night. just did a few drills with CoachSalazar to shake the legs a bit and tried doing a few strides. Then trailed after MGΒ Β Β  this morningΒ  on his easy run. 9K done.

30 Jul 2009 – let me try again.

30 Jul 2009 – and so i tried to hit 27K again today. finished 25K with a 30min break after km18. mental game still screwed up. i guess for this week, you can call me mentally challenged. nyaharharhaar

29 Jul 2009 – back to the real world. hope to run later.

27 Jul 2009 – speed, Fail. ended up with 11K easy @ 6:56. if i wake up early enough, maybe another 10 tomorrow. oh and Mesh … blazed through SFM! 3:57!!! Konti na lang!

26 Jul 2009 – when i start running again next week. he will see every step, every swing … will probably even laugh and cringe at the madness and near misses during my practice runs. he never saw me run and now i know he will see every single one of them.

18July2009 – maybe i will wear them on sunday…

17July2009 – Flakers! But i understand it was a brrr cold first 2K. I finished at 7.5km. See you all later at the Runnr Launch.

17July2009 – this runner is off to Rnnr in a little bit. and then tomorrow … rain rain go away. come back on sunday.

16July2009 – loved the 21K last night!Β  dinner at Som’s was also great.

16July2009 – a very sad lunch menu. i got spicy noddles and fried chicken. but the manok was anorexic … skin and bones only.

16July2009 – loved the 21K last night! dinner at Som’s was also greathats my plan. but tomorrow, I will run for doughnuts!!! See you there!

14July2009 – after almost 4months without weight training … 5lbs felt sooo heavy.

14July2009 – hitting the weights again. getting into a new groove.

13July2009 – wet and cold brrrr. done for the day … 3×1600! love the RHS track! Doh! I still need to lift later.

13July2009 – Is excited to run 7min/km on Sunday. Let’s party at my pace, y’all!

12July2009 – Congratulations to Mari and Lester for coming in 5th at the Robinson’s Fit and Run Buddy Run! … on to other stuff … bukas monday na. July 13. Hay!

11July2009 – ang saya! good luck to the buddies running buddy run tomorrow!!!

10July2009 – one race per month.

6 thoughts on “BananaSpills

  1. Bernadette,

    I have a 5k/10k/15k race to be staged in Baguio City on September 6 at the Burnham Park.

    I would like to send you my registration form and route map for the event.

    surely. i just sent you an email.

    hmmm. baguio … very interesting. baguio anyone?

  2. hi bananarunning, i’m glad i chanced upon your blog – it’s very interesting – and nice blog title by the way. see you in the races πŸ™‚

    hi carrey. thanks for dropping by. looks like im going to be racing all september til mid oct. see you then!

  3. Hi, please join our run.
    TAKBOJUAN. one run, one vote, one nation. next Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010 at the UP Diliman campus. It’s a run for clean elections organized by the University Student Council, UP IE Club, and RUN4CHANGE, Inc.

    Race distances are 3k, 5k, and 10k. It is the first time Commonwealth ave. and Katipunan ave. will be used as a route.

    Registration fee is P350 inclusive of finisher’s shirt. Official registration is until this friday. You can register at UP IE Club, UP Diliman; Blessings Copy Center, Vinzon’s Hall; ISKO Computer Center, Shopping Center; Second Wind Running Store, Maginhawa St.; All Terra at Club 650, Libis

    Proceeds are for the UP IE Club scholarship fund and SAGIP ISKO.

    For more question, contact Bam 09178050318 or email

    Hope to see you there

  4. i cant be bothered reading all of it so i just have one single questoin. my BFF is faster than me and she always teases me about it even though she is only a tiny bit fasteranyway back to the point, how can i get a bit faster so that i can be faster than her and she wont be able to tease me because i will be faster than her.

    1. Hey Meagan! Thanks for droppingby the blog.

      Unfortunately, there is no short cut to getting faster. You gotta run the runs. To increase efficiency and speed, include 1 or 2 speedworkouts to your sched. You need to build your endurance too. And to test your limits a tempo run will help a lot.

      And to simply things find a free online training program that is challenging enough.

      When you have the program, mark your goal race. Secret training is an option for “surprise” factor come race day. Haha

      Or better yet, schedule your harder runs with your friend. Fast friends are useful pacers.

      And on race day, for extra kick I fuel up with Gu Roctane.


  5. Hi Bards!

    Tignan mo tong video na to ni Coach Rio: Pinatakbo siya against an airplane ng friends niya. Astiiiig! Ang bilis pala niya. Anyway, naalala ko lang blog mo kasi I always read your blog. Runner din kasi ako. Haha!

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