CARBticipation and Weight Management

Carbticipation is the active or passive phase before the consumption of carbohydrates. (In my case the starchy ones, rice to be precise.) How one handles carbticipation has significant impact on the success or failure of weight management endeavors.

Active carbticipation (AC) occurs when you are working out and looking forward to your carb intake. Passive carbticipation (PC) normally occurs when you are not working out but is preoccupied with carbs.

AC can be further divided into something similar to the fight or flight state. Fight AC makes you hit harder and go further. Flight AC on the other hand is that mental break that makes one stop and just head to the pantry, nearest store or the nearest food source and “refuel“.

Acknowledging carbticipation and managing ones response spells the difference between success or failure in weight management. Carbs is not the enemy. Carbs is fuel. For me, it’s motivation.

This is of course not a scientific article. 🤣 This is just a hungry girl’s ramblings while walking home after a good workout.

As I am currently in my nth attempt to manage my weight, it has led me to contemplate my relationship with carbs. I’m Filipino and I absolutely love rice. And it loves me back, I indulge and it stays with me (on my thighs, arms, back…you get the picture.)

Managing it will I guess contribute to moving the needle a bit towards better weigh management. I’ve signed up for #thebodycoach program where our plan contains carb refuel and reduced carb meals. I now intend to tap AC to optimise my workout. I will try to keep hitting hard until I hear that glorious timer beep at the end of each workout.

PC on the other hand doesn’t have to be a negative. I just need to channel it to motivate me to suit up for a workout. True story : Thinking and choosing to workout sometimes takes longer than the actual workout. I need to watch out and make sure that PC doesn’t lead me to skip the workout and head straight to the pantry. 😁

One last note to self, when I have completed the my workout, I will stick to the planned meal and portions (which are thankfully generous in the BC plan). The key here is to meal rep like a boss!

When all else fails, I fill up by completing my water target.

Well, that’s the plan!

So, what happened after my HIIT workout? I power walked home, bag down, Tupperware out, microwave on and gobbled meal. And I’m now on my 2nd tall glass of water.

How do you handle your carbticipation?

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