before i run

20121202-095539.jpgEvery now and then I suffer from plantar fasciitis. When it hits, I have to tiptoe around in the morning until everything loosens up. I so hate it when it hits in the middle of a run. It feels like running with a golf ball under my arch. Stretching helps a lot but since my plantar fascia problem is partly due to my high arches have to say that taping has helped me manage my plantar fascia problems. I never run now without taping.

I’ve browsed a few sites and saw several ways to do it. The picture above shows the taping style that works for me. I suggest you try the various ways, take it for a run and modify as needed. I find that the options available online uses too much tape and too restricting.

Oh and I just use LP tape; it’s cheaper and softer. If you browse for taping techniques, you might see a post by a guy who used duct tape. I tried that, too. Duct tape is a bit stiff and you will need to put carefully to avoid blisters. And be warned, it will be a bit hard to take off.

Happy running!

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