Weekly Photo Challenge : Purple : Milo and a flower

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is PURPLE. 😀 Barney! Today is also the day before the Milo Marathon.

Barney + Milo = Bad memories.

I remembered again the runner wearing purple shorts who tricked us to cheat in the 2009 Milo Marathon finals.

Goodluck runners. Run strong. Run proud. Run true. Don’t ride the bus!

Change topic…

My entry for this week is this gorgeous flower I saw at the Salcedo Market. This is a Purple Passion Vine. Gorgeous! 20120728-142559.jpg

Some interesting purple entries this week:

1. Purple Pod Pole Beans – love the play on purple and red

2. Dusk at Mt Fuji. I chose Kamakura over Mt Fuji now I regret it not visiting. Here it looks majestic and mysterious.

3. Thistle do. It’s tiny, pretty and yeah play on words was witty.

4. Flowers!!!

5. Pinoy purple goodies galore

6. Venice Carnival player

7. Purple rain down under

8. But wait there’s more, click here to see all the entries.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Purple : Milo and a flower

      1. we can grow them here in the UK, but I haven’t had nay luck. Haven’t seen such a frilly one as this though!

      2. I grew this plant in the Eas Bay, in the San Francsico Bay area. Yours is the first passiflora I’ve seen so far, for those who posted purple flowers. It’s a beauty!

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