Target : 2 hours @ Rexona Run 2012

Not my target. I just want to finish 5K strong and happy. But if you wanna run in 2 hours or less, here are some info that you will find useful.

1. RACE ROUTES. Familiarize yourself with the route. If you are running the relay, take note of the transition area. Maybe your partner can wave a flag or pompoms so you can easily spot each other. 😀



2. VOLUNTEER PACERS. Click here and visit Kulitrunner’s blog for the complete list of volunteer pacers.

3. 2 hours. Did you finish in 2:01 in your last race? Oh that elusive 2 hours! For the Rexona Run 2012, you might want to try running with a pacer or a pace group.

If you are running the individual category, this is the guy you need to pace with. Meet Rod Sollesta. One fast dude who will try and bring you across the finish line in 2hours. To check him out, you may visit his blog, RUNdomSHOTS.


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