Milo Marathon Finals 2009: Accessory to Cheating

Folks, this is NOT about Mesh. Our runner crossed the finish line at 4:24sumthing  (i just sa the pics it was 4:23:42!) covering the distance of 42kms on her own two feet. I’ll write about her later.

* * *

At the Kalayaan Flyover, after begging and explaining that we were supporting the runner in yellow aka Mesh , we were allowed to go up.

We checked on her and saw that she was still running strong. We decided to proceed to the next checkpoint. After a few meters,I saw a male runner. He was shuffling and seemed to be having a hard time. Since it was hot and we had spare ice, I decided to offer him some to help him cool off a bit.

After receiving the ice, he told us that he was quitting the race. He said he had upset stomach and asked us for a lift. We hesitated. We didn’t know him and it’s not safe but I thought … What if something bad happens to him and we denied him assistance.

To compromise, I said. “Okay, you can ride with us but we will let you off at the nearest aid station so you can get a lift from the race officials.”

We dropped him at the water station at the bottom of Kalayaan Flyover and informed the officials that he was quitting the race.

He was wearing Bib No. 75.

We proceeded to our next checkpoint to wait for Mesh. Before we saw her, we saw Runner #75 running strong towards us. We shouted to him that he should take off his bib since he hitched a ride with us but he ignored us.

I informed the officials manning the timing mat near the Post Office about him.

At the finish line, I saw him carrying a loot bag. He obviously finished the race and crossed the finish line. Kapal!

I’ve sent an email to MrB regarding Runner #75. 

Used and abused and all we wanted to do was to help out a fellow runner. 

Tsk tsk tsk … 


30 thoughts on “Milo Marathon Finals 2009: Accessory to Cheating

  1. hey bards, i understand how the incident could make you feel like that. If that happened to me i’d be pissed too. funny though, the electronic timing chip was first used abroad to prevent such incidents(rosie ruiz case) – accurate timing(chip time vs gun time) was a secondary benefit. im guessing it’s not only sir rudy that should be informed but coach rio too. let’s hope they find a way of maximizing the championship’s potential and prevent incidents like these from happening again.

    1. adding timing chip to the finals is a definite improvement talaga. i just shudder at the thought that if people cheat at the finals … can you imagine the extent of cheating the elims. thanks for the suggestion, sent an email to CoachRio also.

  2. I should have been there. I have never seen a banana turn red before my eyes. 🙂

    Pero nakaka-inis talaga yun nangyari!!!

    Regards Mark

    mwahahaha 😀

  3. It’s unbelievable how people can do this. For most of us, we run for the personal sense of achievement, not so much the bragging rights to others. Ang kapal! I wonder if it’s the same person Jonel was talking about during the elims.

    I never thought somebody would do something like this.

  4. Bad cheetah!
    Although, I think, no matter what kind of technology we use, cheaters can always find a way to come around the system. Let’s just be vigilant with these kind of runners.

    Bad talaga.

    Dear Manong, Sa mata ng bata ang isang pagkakamali ay nagiging tama. Wag naman po sana.

  5. iyan na nga ang sinasabi ko eh.mga hayop, walang mga puso!pigilan mo nga ako kapatid.

    at salamat sa cheers niyo kahapon.

    and dindo,you will be surprised as to the number of cheaters yesterday.bards is talking about someone else and so am i.

    sick minds ano?

    ang puso mo koya. 😀 cheering was not easy as we thought but we enjoyed every minute of it.

  6. hehehe! yes, we have cheaters in our running community. we have to expose this person and ban him forever from road races. he even had the courage to use one of my fav numbers, 75..i am a member of PMA Class ’75. nice post, bards!

    congratulations BR. You rocked yesterday! As for Manong#75, I hope he reforms.

  7. Thanks for posting this to finally lessen, if not totally end, cheating in Philippine running! Kapal nga!

    P. S. Thanks, too, for cheering strangers like me yesterday! 🙂

    It was a pleasure to cheer for your guys. You are heroes and rockstars in running for qualifying. Hats off to you!

    As for Manong#75, he gives ManongRunners a bad name.

  8. Dear Barbs – I tried to look at the stats of runner bib no. 75 to find out his name but was not reflected on posted finishers at milo website. Sana hindi tinangal ang name niya para ma-expose his identity. Ban for life!

    sir sya yung nasa link ni Decipher. this is really sad. He is a strong runner and didn’t need to cheat at all.

  9. There is seriously something wrong with that guy… I hope he doesn’t run for politics 😛

    Seriously isn’t HONESTY included in his vocabulary? That is just shameful!

    i just hope he didnt do it for the goodie bag he got at the end of the race. so many of us try and train rain or shine and they do this …. hay!

  10. Next time ask the … worm to surrender his bib to you first (along with the timing chip) before you take him aboard. 🙂

    we would know better next time. never again. kapikon di ba.

  11. Ouchh! May isa pang makakapagpatotoo sa kanya, si Ben. Patingin naman, Ben.

    Alam mo the sad thing is that we try very hard and train to qualify for Milo and people like Manong #75 taints our race.

  12. I saw this guy! He got an orange from me when he passed by the aid station!

    I’m sure it was him. He was the only runner that was wearing purple colored shorts! Geesshh…

    Parkie … purple shorts makes it easier to identify him eh. 😀

  13. bards, winner ka, talo mo pa ang pulis mag report 😉 hehehe at least may picture nung salarin, mas madaling maipaskil sa mga races yan mukha nya para ma ban 🙂 hehehe

  14. I cannot understand why runners cheat. Dont they realize when they cheat they are only fooling themselves.
    Im sure deep in his consciences there is a guilty empty feeling in him that is eating him inside.
    Like i have always said , Running is NOT a Sport but a way of life and it is something that we truly enjoy and will do the rest of our lives.
    Thats what makes us runners different from the Norm.

  15. Hi Bards!

    Tsk, tsk…. feigning sickness at that! Di bale, ka-KARMA-hin din sya, mwahahahaha…

    See you on the road, BGS! 😉


    p.s. Yup, it’s BGS (not BHS) as in Bards the Good Samaritan

  16. Nice one BArds 🙂 Gak. Runner Z ba to? I can’t understand this either. And to think he’s a strong runner who qualified for nati0nals. Don’t understand it either. Sigh.

  17. timm – i was thinking about manong75. im upset with him kasi nagoyo nya kami. but at the end of the day, im upset kasi he felt he needed to do that. man! look at his quads, he could probably even do a BDM.

    patrick – that is the sad part talaga. kaya when i see runners running and training at crazy hours, I cant help but smile. kasi di ako nag-iisang baliw. havent seen you in the races lately … running qc?

    let – sayang fierce pa naman pics niya!

    ray – feeling ko nagdurugo na dila nya since sunday haha.

    jan – purple shorts alert!!!

    cecil – Kaya ako … ive always been wary of Barney eh.

    Luis – *sigh* lets just keep on running. 🙂

    Marga – may special power from BarneyShorts

  18. I saw his picture in Jonel’s Blog and he looks strong and fast. He was tempted to do the worst thing, that’s why he failed not in this race (for he has his loot bag) but in the matter of integrity. To quit and surrender is a normal thing for 42k but to cheat is a crime and he must be castigated. Hoping Mr. B will do something for this, to serve as a warning to all would be CHEATERS!

    Nice post.

    God bless.

  19. i dont think he’s that strong enough. aside from lacking in will power, i could see he was struggling,hirap na hirap. good, i was not beside him otherwise, he surely would eat my dust,no joke. lingon pa ng lingon sa gilid,parang may iniiwasang pulis.

    mukhang guilty? 😀

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