Run Corregidor : Race Registrants’ Bulletin : Jan 17-18, 2015

7 Jul

Run Corregidor 2015
Race Registrants’ Bulletin

Beginning this coming 2015, race participants to both Corregidor Marathon and Corregidor International Half-Marathon will only be paying for the race itself.

Team Run Corregidor is giving back to race participants the option to choose their mode of transportation to the island.

The race registration fees will have four schedules:

2nd CORREGIDOR MARATHON Day 1, January 17, 2015
42K Full Marathon
Gun Start: 6:00am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time

Race Registration inclusions:
• Finisher’s Medallion (0.5kg, 5-in diameter)
• CM Dri-fit Race Shirt
• Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
• CM Race sling bag
• Runners’ Briefing (Jan 10 & 11, 2015)
• CM Post-Race Party
• CM Digital Finisher’s Certificate
• P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (Jan. 16, 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 at the Runners’ Briefing.

5K Blitz
Gun Start: 8:00am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time

Race Registration inclusions:
• 5K Blitz Finisher’s Medal
• CM Dri-fit Race Shirt
• Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
• CM Race sling bag
• Runners’ Briefing (Jan 10 & 11, 2015)
• CM Post-Race Party
• 5K Blitz Digital Finisher’s Certificate
• P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (Jan. 16, 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 at the Runners’ Briefing.

5th CORREGIDOR International Half-MARATHON Day 2, Jan 18, 2015
21K Half-Marathon
Gun Start: 8:00am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time

Race Registration inclusions:
• Finisher’s Medallion (3-in diameter)
• CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
• Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
• CIHM Race sling bag
• Runners’ Briefing (Jan 10 & 11, 2015)
• CIHM Post-Race Victory Party
• CIHM Digital Finisher’s Certificate
• P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (Jan. 17, 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 at the Runners’ Briefing.

10K Challenge
Gun Start: 8:15am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time
Race Registration inclusions:
• 10K Challenger Finisher’s Medal
• Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
• CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
• CIHM Race sling bag
• Runners’ Briefing (Jan 10 & 11, 2015)
• CIHM Post-Race Victory Party
• 10K Challenge Digital Finisher’s Certificate
• P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (Jan 17, 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 on Nov 30 & Dec 1 during the Runners’ Briefing.

Advance Registration Procedures:
1) Pay the corresponding ADVANCE RACE REGISTRATION fee by way of a bank deposit at any BDO branch using the following details:
BDO Checking Account
Account Name: Big Big Big, Inc.
Account Number: 000410417114
*For international participants, as follows are the details when depositing corresponding race registration fee through bank transfer:

BDO (Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc.)
Branch details: 041 Bel-Air
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Acct details: Checking Account
Account Name: Big Big Big, Inc.
Account Number: 000410417114

2) Send the photo-captured copy of the deposit slip as a direct message/private message to the applicable FB fan page (“Corregidor Marathon” or “Corregidor International Half-Marathon”) indicating your full name and chosen distance category.

3) In 24 hours, an alpha-numeric code reply to your message will be sent to you by the page moderator. This code CAN NOT be shared with another person. This code is needed for the filling up and validation of your on-line registration form.

4) Once you have received your alpha-numeric code, on the applicable FB page, complete your registration for the race by clicking the on-line registration form link.

5) Once race registration is validated, you will receive in 48 hours your race inclusion confirmation via email. On the confirmation email, you will be notified when you may claim your race registration kit. It will coincide with the Runners’ Briefing. The venue will be announced via personal email and blog posts at a later date.

SPECIAL BONUS for CM & CIHM Advance Registrants:
Running the full and half-marathon distances in Corregidor is no easy feat. Serious preparations must be undertaken.
To all advance registrants, Team Run Corregidor is providing a free monthly training on the actual race course, beginning August 13. For more information, visit the FB fan pages of Corregidor Marathon and Corregidor International Half-Marathon.

Sun Cruises as our event partner is generously giving special rates for race participants of both the 2nd Corregidor Marathon and 5th Corregidor International Half-Marathon:
P1300/person EXCLUSIVE to race participants ONLY (inclusive of round-trip ferry, lunch buffet, and entrance fee to the island).

Room accommodations are limited. In consideration of this, Sun Cruises will be offering Camping Tents for rent (P500 flat rate).

Sun Cruises will start accepting ferry and accommodations booking for CM & CIHM participants beginning August 21, 2014.
For booking concerns, please contact Sun Cruises (8am to 5pm – Mon to Fri; 8am to 12nn Sat) at 5275555 loc 4511 and 4512, 0917-5459917, 0917-8084641, 0922-8475418.

2 morning runs last week

17 Jun

2 posts ago, I’ve kinda given up on putting in morning runs. It was just impossible to wake up early enough to run in the morning. I was convinced that I wasn’t created to train in the morning.

Last week I proved myself wrong. I logged in 2 morning runs. I didn’t exert too much effort. It just happened. I just found time to run in the mornings.
Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it surprising? Isn’t it?

Run 1 : Thursday morning. Independence Day of the Philippines = Holiday = NO WORK!!! I set the alarm at 4pm. I wanted to test myself. Can I do it?

I finally rolled out of bed at 6am. I was out and running by 6:30am. Surprisingly, waking up and getting out of bed took longer than my run.

I had nice run, breezy and overcast. After the run, I grabbed a banana from a JolliJeep and headed to the gym to stretch out and cooldown. But when I got home, I was so sleepy. Luckily, I had a long bus ride to Batangas and I was able to nap before watching a movie with mom.

MORNING RUN TIP 1 : if you get really sleepy after your morning runs (the beyond salvation of gallons and gallons of coffee kind) confine your morning runs to weekends and holidays or you might end up falling asleep at work.

Run 2 : Saturday afternoon Woke up at 7am. Too hot to run outside. Kept on delaying going to gym. Eventually left the house at 6pm. I squeezed in a really short 20min walk/run before watching Defending the Caveman. Super funny! A must see! Loved Joel Trinidad. Try to catch it at RCBC til this weekend. Tickets available via TicketWorld.

Anyways, even if the run was super short, a run is still a run. I’m counting it!

Run 3 : Sunday morning Saturday, I was panicking a bit … what if I don’t wake up early again or get tamaritis. I had plans for Sunday afternoon so no time to cram my last run for the week.

To stack my deck a bit, I planned breaky with my friend at BGC. From my house to BGC is approx 7km, so that fits in nicely with the plan. Left the house in time for breaky but it got a bit hotter by the time I hit 5th ave.

MORNING RUN TIP 2 : Can’t wake up too early? That’s okay. Morning run is not equal to crack of dawn early. For me, it’s just early enough so that I don’t burn too much while running. 6-7am start is just alright.
MORNING RUN TIP 3 : Run to a breakfast meet up.

Breaky with Josie

And this is why I couldn’t cram a run last Sunday night.

6 out of 9, DONE! 3 more to go. #IWILL

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: 38th national milo marathon manila elims registration schedule

7 Jun

Here is an important announcement from MILO and RunRio, Inc. :

Dear runners,
The National MILO Marathon Team is getting ready for the opening of onsite registration for the Manila Eliminations Leg. For everyone’s convenience and for us to provide better service, please note of the following adjustments on registration opening schedules:

1. Low distance categories 3km and 5km registration will open in all partner stores on Monday, June 9, 2014

2. Long distance categories 10km, 21km and 42km registration will open on Thursday, June 12, 2014, also in all partner stores.

These schedule adjustments were made to allow us to properly manage the surge of people coming in to register by opening day and more importantly, in consideration of everyone’s convenience.

Thank you very much for your unending support and we look forward to seeing you in this year’s 38th National MILO Marathon!

See you on the road!

What’s left of Saturday

7 Jun

20140607-210942-76182240.jpgI’ve given up on ever waking up early enough to run. I’ve tried, really tried but I’m not really cut out for early morning runs. On race day, one of my biggest worry is actually waking up in time for the gunstart. And yes, I’ve missed a few races because my “I’ll get up in five minutes” have often landed me in trouble.

Today, I was supposed to attend a yoga class with Que at 6:30pm but had a longer nap than I planned. Frustrated, I immediately rolled out ofbed and laced up. No more excuses, I’d save what’s left of the day and log in a run.

Great running weather, too. There was a bit of breeze that made it a cool run.

I’ve decided to go back to basics and just go back to a simple training plan. Today I completed week.

I am very pleased with my run segments. I kept my form and my pace was pretty consistent. Happy with 42:30 5K.

Next week it will 3 runs of 2min run and 2 min walk. 3/9…6 more to go! #IWILL get that shirt!

Feel good Saturday : Chang siblings spread positivity at Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon

7 Jun

20140606-234155-85315619.jpgAustin Chang and sister, Athena Chang hold hands as they cheerfully raced with more than 132 kids at the Alaska IronKids Aquathlon event last May 25, at the Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal. The Alaska IronKids sports program has become a platform for the Chang siblings to bond by racing together and supporting each other whether they win or lose. It helps instill the values of Determination, Hard Work, Teamwork, Discipline, and Sportsmanship in children and this is what real champions are made of. Join the Alaska IronKids program now and become a real-life champion! Just log on to or at for more details.

I’ve been lacing up lately kasi…

6 Jun

REWARD YOURSELF. That is one of our ways to motivate ourselves to run, right. Well, I’ve picked out a reward for myself and I’m logging in runs so that I could claim it.

I made a deal with myself that if I could complete 9 runs in 3 weeks, I will reward myself with an Under Armour shirt. 2 out of 9 done. I gotta to do this!!!! Loved the shirt I found and I have to admit I am might curious how those shirts would feel. The fabric felt lighter and softer than my usual brands. Exciting, i can do this, 7 more runs! #IWILL


Under Armour, the leading performance and innovation brand, recently celebrated the expansion of its international footprint into the Philippines.m

Their launch last week was highlighted by the introduction of a retail store that opened at Bonifacio Global City Taguig. (Their store is beside New Orleans, same side as Fully Booked.)

The “padlock opening” ceremony was attended by our sporty legislator, Senator Pia Cayetano, representatives from Under Armour USA and its brand ambassadors that includes Papa Piolooooooo! 20140606-074318-27798593.jpg

Here are some items the ladies might want to check out.20140606-074505-27905098.jpg

The gents are in for a treat, too. Here are my favorite picks. When you visit their store, do check out their Hero Zone. This stands out in the store at it houses Under Armour’s Alter Ego line that features Marvel and DC comic-inspired innerwear designs.

At the media launch of Under Armour with blogger friends and my picture with Piolo! *kiligagain* #nakakatunawsyatumingin20140606-075609-28569330.jpg

Eek! I found a snail in my salad greens

6 Jun

This was my lunch last Tuesday. I had tuna salad, sourdough bread, sliced apple and greens, yummy and healthy, right?
Almost … but no quite.

I did not finish all my greens as I put out too much and did have not enough bread. As we were lingering over our drinks, my bos pointed to my leftover greens and said, “Glad you didn’t eat that” and pointed to something brown on my leftover greens.

When I looked closely, I really felt I was turning green. There’s a SNAIL!!!! Dead but still a snail, eek!!!Oh dear! I hope all the crunch was just apple slices!
20140605-233503-84903116.jpg When I got home, I checked the salad packet, no more snails but I still sent an email to the salad company. I was really worried that I might be getting extra protein that I really do not want. Ginataang kuhol is okay but a decaying snail mixed with my salad green or worse a trapped snail crawling all over it is really not my kinda meal.

Here is an excerpt of my letter.

I am a regular customer of your salad greens. It is a staple that goes into my grocery basket every week. I am thankful for your product as it has helped me incorporate vegetables into my diet. I often recommend you to my friends, especially the blue pack with arugula as it is really a very good mix.
You might say that this is proof that your produce is really pesticide free. Just as I trust that your greens are ready to use, I never really needed extra proof that it is pesticide free by seeing a snail in my meal.

Now, I do require reassurance that your product is indeed ready to use and eat. Bug free, no extra protein or worse as in my case, a decaying organism included.

I appreciate your response and appropriate action so I can advise friends also whom I have recommended your products to. I have included the bar code to help your trace this batch of produce.

I was so worried I even sent a letter via LBC. Haha freakedmuch? I really love my salad mix and I hope they could work out the problem.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the same day reply of the salad company. Here’s an excerpt of their reply.

They also offered to show us their farm or send a video of their produce processing. The trip would have been interesting but I just don’t have luxury of time now. I did say yes to having a peek at their video. It’s always good to see how the food I eat is processed.

And so dear friends, apparently sneaky pesky snails do thrive during this hot season, so before you serve and/or munch on that triple washed and ready to eat salad green …STOP and LOOK CLOSELY … you might get extra bits.

As for the me, I will still finish my packet of greens but will be washing it first and will look closely from here on. If you buy those ready to eat greens, I suggest you guys do the same as well.

To the salad company, Sir, I do hope your quality control team will be more vigilant.

Update : 8 June 2014
Received the produce processing video and replacement packet (plus 5 other packets) from the salad company today. Thank you, sir. Perfect timing as they ran out of the blue packet today at my usual grocery store.

5K fangirl

4 Jun

I saw this article on my newsfeed on the 10 Reasons the 5K is Freaking Awesome and I agree.

I’ve been running 5Ks lately and enjoying them. I have to admit that I enjoy equally the prep work or limited prep I need to do for it.

So lovin’ logging in less mileage. I still remember my 80km training weeks and shake my head now how I even managed them.

I haven’t been racing any of the 5K but that’s the plan. I’ll need to work on my mind game coz for the 5s you gotta be ON and hit it hard when you breakout of the starting line.

Last 5k at Etude was about 40mins so I have heaps of room for improvement. Yes!

Today’s run: 2 min walk and 1 min run. I bumped it up to 9kph speed so it was a good one and the whole time I was thinking …. Legs we gotta to learn this pace again.

Capped off the workout at Fitness First with 30minute circuit workout.

Check out this quarter’s Runner’s World Ph if you want to train for your first or a faster 5K.20140604-224256-81776784.jpg

And this will be the plan for me…


Quanta Paper : R3Run for Sustainability : 10 August 2014

29 May

Eco-friendly tissue paper manufacturer organizes Run for Sustainability

This August 10, 2014, Quanta Paper will launch its most aggressive green campaign in a form of a fun run activity. The Run for Sustainability, or dubbed as R3RUN (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Run) is designed to inspire environmental action among Filipino consumers and raise awareness on climate change. It also aims to educate consumers on the importance of green labelled products and how patronizing them could help in a way to protect our planet.

Integrated through a healthy and fun lifestyle activity, the R3RUN serves both a strategic marketing and social responsibility tools for Quanta Paper. “We would like to be more loudly in telling our story of sustainable practices and at the same time capitalize in building our brand equity,” says Quanta Paper corporate strategist and Race Committee head Neil Erich Galicia. The Company finds that most Filipinos do not have enough knowledge on climate change and the threat that it poses to the country and to the world. “The Run is a step forward to begin a bold and concrete action. In this way we could start a wave that could reach through every corner of our archipelago.”

Race Categories: 12K, 8K, 4K and 1K
Venue: BlueBay Walk, Edsa-Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City
Date: Aug. 10, 2014
Target No. of Participants: 10,000
Water Station: Every 1.5Km
Medic Station: Every 1.5Km

The registration period will start on June 5 and end on July 22, 2014, open every Thursday thru Sunday.

Registration venues will be at :
– Runnr Bonifacio High Street
– Runnr Trinoma
– Toby’s Shangri-La
– Toby’s Mall of Asia
– Toby’s Robinson Manila.

Registration fee is at Php 250 inclusive of Running Shirt, Race Bib, Route Map and product samples of the Company.

First 2,500 students who register can avail a Php 150 discounted rate. School ID must be presented during registration to avail the discount.



Founded on business principle of sustainable practices, Quanta Paper manufactures hygienic tissue products using used office paper as raw materials instead of virgin fibers. This thrust is geared towards preservation of world’s rainforest where deforestation remains a traditional practice in the paper making industry to extract virgin fibers.

When business is linked to social conscience, seldom consumers appreciate the connections. But there is one eco-friendly tissue paper manufacturer in the Philippines that for a decade now endures to balance these two opposing principles. “We endure to strike a balance between profit and social conscience,” says Quanta Paper Corporation president & general manager Steven Leung.

Proceeds of this event will support the Company’s continued social responsibility efforts.
* * * *
For further information please contact:
Princess Magdasal or Iman De Mesa
Communications Committee Event Manager
Quanta Paper Race Committee Cosmic Gate Innovations Co.
+63932 865 5849 +63927 875 6671

White Flower will have a race on Aug 17

27 May

White Flower Oil Embrocation, our companion through headaches, muscle pain, dizzines, itchiness due to insect bites and joint pains since 1927 will be sponsoring a race on August 17 at BGC.

White Flower’s race offers special twists, surprises and prizes to 21KM runners. (See special 21km race mechanics below.) So if you are fast, think you are fast or believe you are fast, register now and toe the starting line on August 17 and settle it once and for all.

Race Categories: 21K, 10K, 5K and 3K
Venue: Bonifacio Global City
Date: Aug. 17, 2014
Target No. of Participants: 5,000
Water Station: Every 1.5Km
Medic Station: Every 1.5Km


Race Registration can be accomplished by two:
-Online Registration via Dragon Pay Online
– In Store Registration (Manual Process) at the following Chris Sports outlets:
– SM North Annex
– SM Megamall
– Glorietta 3

21K – 1000 Php
10K – 700 Php
5K – 500 Php
3K – 400 Php

Participants will receive:
WF Singlet
WF Race Kit
WF Map
Calchews Chewables 2 small box of 15’s
Note : Finishers Shirts will only be given to 21K Finishers

21K – 4:00 AM
10K – 5:00 AM
5K- 5:30 AM
3K – 5:40 AM

Registration is until Aug 15, 2014

SPECIAL RACE MECHANICS: 21K RACE INDIVIDUAL AWARDThe 21K is not the usual 21K race. Individual participants can get a chance to win not just the over-all awards but also:

a. King and Queen of the Hill -
b. Sprint King and Queen
c. 5K King and Queen
d. 10K King and Queen
e. 16K King and Quee

Here’s how you win these prizes:
1. There will be special signages once runners approach the 21K Special Race Marks. There will be a marshal waiting to hand over the specially marked medal for the runner who claims it first.

2. Once the specially marked medal is handed over to the runner who reached the mark other participants cannot claim it anymore.

3. 21k runners can only get one Special Award

4. 21K runners who won the special awards must complete the whole race to claim their prize. They must turn over the medal to the finish line judges and have their names recorded at the winners booth.

5. Runners with these specially marked medals will win special prizes.

6. In case of disputes participants must prepare a written report against other participants and must be signed by the race director. There will be a corresponding dispute fee of 500 Php.



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