Cruise C0ntr0l coined a new running word today. Introducing …EASPEED! Easpeed/ˈēzspēd/ Etymology : easy + speed An easy speed workout. “Tuesday is for easpeed.” Fast but not fast enough. “I’m tired today but will aim for an easpeed run.” Today’s workout : Easpeed My training program today says 1min x 6. I could run a … More Easpeed!


Up by 4am and the stars are out. I was at BHS at 5am and ready to begin my speed workout. Speedworkout for today is 3 x 800m with 400m sloooow jogs for recovery. My speedform workouts should be at 5:08min/km. Slight problem … the polar is dead again. They think its the footpod and not … More Unplugged

Hamster Speedwork

Yesterday was my Speed day. The program asks for 8 x 500m with 1min standing rest. I did this in the treadmill. I actually like doing speedwork in the treadmill because you can set the speed and then you can just stick to it or be a quitter.   Whenever I do speedwork my ongoing … More Hamster Speedwork