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6 Mar

Cruise C0ntr0l coined a new running word today. Introducing …EASPEED!

Etymology : easy + speed

An easy speed workout. “Tuesday is for easpeed.”

Fast but not fast enough. “I’m tired today but will aim for an easpeed run.”

Today’s workout : Easpeed

My training program today says 1min x 6. I could run a flat out push-push 1×6 but I need to build my mileage also. Hay!

I compromised with an easpeed run and did 2 sets of 1min x 6 and 2min x 3. Rest interval is 1min. This might have been an easpeed but I was still gasping for air towards the end of the last set.

A great Tuesday workout! Thanks Cruise C0ntr0l giving our workout today a name.


whistle while you run

30 Mar

Today’s program was a bit tough but I was determined to log in a good run. Why? I was still frustrated with my run yesterday so I wanted to make up for it. When I got to Ultra, I took time to have a proper warm-up. I did 3 laps at easy pace, stretched and did a few drills.

On the menu:

1200@5:37min/km – Hit

1000@5:28min/km – Hit

800@5:26min/km – Hit

600@5:18min/km – Miss

400@5:20min/km – Miss

200@5:00min/km – Hit

After the 1200s, I adjusted the rest intervals in order to survive the workout. 

It was another hot hot hot workout. As I was doing my intervals, I remembered a trick we used when were kids to make the wind pick up. Whenever we fly tupi-tupi (folded paper kites) in our village and there is no breeze, my brothers would whistle and pretty soon the wind will pick up and our tupi-tupi would start soaring. I thought it would work, so in the middle of my intervals, I tried to whistle to cool down a little. 

I quickly discovered that you can whistle while you work and try to be just like a cheerful chick-a-dee but it is hard to whistle while you run. Luckily, it cooled down a little while I was finishing my 5K easy.

speed workout: done

30 Sep

For today, my target was to run 6x800m at 5:26 pace with 1:30 rest interval. I have to run 800m in 4:20. Just thinking about it makes we go cross-eyed tired.

My right calf was still a bit tight so I decided to have a longer warm-up. I joined sirRoding and ran 2 rounds at BHS.

Inhale … Exhale … Go!

1st repeat 4:24. I went out too fast. I had to remind myself to relax and take it easy because I still had 5 more repeats to go.

2nd repeat 4:25. My shoulders were tensing up. I knew I had to adjust my form but it took me awhile. I found it hard to relax my shoulders while I was pushing to stay on pace.

When I was approaching 400m, I saw a familiar figure. Uy si Baldrunner! He also saw me and crossed over to my side. I explained to him that I was doing my speed workout. He kept pace easily as I think this is just his long run pace. Haha

3rd repeat 4:12. Notice the dramatic improvement on my time. BR paced on on this repeat. I was huffing and puffing but kept pace. He asked me what my target time for 800m. I said 4:20. He said that it is not so bad and I should try to aim to hit 4:15. He explained to me Yasso 800s and how it can predict your marathon finish time. Click here for more information about Yasso 800.

4th repeat 4:22. After the rather fast repeat. My legs were not fine. I think BR noticed that I was running a step behind him so eased up on his pace. In between huffs and puffs, I mentioned that I saw Jonel aka Bugobugo running in the ISM area. I told him that there seems to be a lot of interest already in his Ultramarathon. We ran down names of people who said they would join. Good luck to you guys!

Before he went on his merry way to complete his ultramarathon training for the day, BR said that my running has improved a lot. Yey and thanks for running with me today sir.

I had an extended standing rest before I started my next 800m.

5th repeat 4:35. 100m out and I already wanted to stop. This is my self talk … Ayoko na. Di ko na kaya ito. Stop na. But wait, why do I want to stop? What hurts? My left calf. Cramps? No, just getting tighter. I must correct my form, balance the way my feet land. Speed workout is the time to practice my  form. Push it! After this brief exchange, the Garmin beeped signaling the end of the workout. I survived!

6th repeat 4:34. I wanted to finish stronger but this is all I could do.

Overall, this workout is still passable. I only hit the pace once but this is a vast improvement from last week where I couldn’t even manage to run faster than 6:30. I have now proven to myself that I can still stick to the program even after a killer long run. I will continue to do a short recovery run the day after my long run.

After finishing my repeats, I slowly ran the 5km from BHS to my office.

I think I am beginning to like my long warm ups and long cool downs. For my long run this weekend, I have decided to do a 15km warm up, 2km tempo and 15km cool down. It’s all in the mind. Km32 here I come!😛


16 Apr

Up by 4am and the stars are out.

I was at BHS at 5am and ready to begin my speed workout. Speedworkout for today is 3 x 800m with 400m sloooow jogs for recovery.

My speedform workouts should be at 5:08min/km. Slight problem … the polar is dead again. They think its the footpod and not the wrist unit. Im just glad that we have measured BHS loop. The big one is about 1.3km and the small one is a little over 800m. At least even without the Polar I can still do speed workouts.

To make things easier, assumption for today is that one block at BHS is 200m.  So I have to run each stretch in 1min.

1 slow jog on the big loop for warm-up …

1st repeat. Ha! I was hitting the pace. Slooowjog

2nd repeat. My shoulders were a bit tensed so I adjusted my form to drop the shoulders. Abs tight. Hitting the pace but gasping for air. Slowjog with walks.

3rd repeat. Still hitting the pace but struggled with the last 200m. Noticed that my back was hunching so I really had to focus on form. No more slow jog … recovery walk.

1 more slowjog/walk around BHS.

I finished before the sun started beating down.

BHS is a bit busy today. I saw a lot of kids running. Maybe they are preparing for the race this Sunday.

can’t relax, can’t take it easy

14 Feb

I’m using the program from the Smart Coach at Runner’s World to maintain my kms while Im not training for a particular race yet.

I chose moderate training so the program is just for 3 runs a week – 1 easy, 1 quality (alternating speed and tempo) and 1 long.

Today is speed workout. I haven’t really tried doing it outside so I decided to wake up early and see if I will survive it.

I ran at BHS. Its perfect because we have measured the small loop and its about 800m – approx 200m per side. On the menu today is 1600m @ 8:03min/km, 2 x 1600m @ 5:40min/km with 800m jogs and finish with 1600m @ 8:03min/km.

2x1600m @ 5:40 … hehehe … I knew it was too much for me. But no guts no glory, its in the program and I at least have to give it a try. During the first repeat, I was hitting the 5:40 even going as fast as 5:15 (I now know that for now this is the fastest I could go and no more).

However, maintaining form and pace was another matter and I think the real challenge of the workout. Its easier in the treadmill because you have no choice if you go slow you will fly out but on the road you have to push yourself to work harder.

Maintaining the pace reminded me of a time when we ended up at an OTB place (yes! OTB as in Off Track Betting) We went to Dean’s Street in Shaw … how were we supposed to know that the “in” coffee place of our college days have been converted to an OTB. So eniweis, we were having our coffee and watching karera … what else can we do. Then a man started shouting, “Wag kang rerelax! Wag kang rerelax!” Yes he was cheering for the horse. This morning to keep pace I have to consciously keep consistent foot strikes and stay in form … when I relaxed  … my pace would drop. I suppose with enough practice I can internalize the dynamics of running at a particular pace, at least I hope I would.

I did not complete the second 1600, I broke it down to 800s and dropped the pace to 6:00 min/km. I don’t feel bad that I did not complete the run as planned. I’m just excited to try it again.

Hamster Speedwork

29 Nov

Yesterday was my Speed day. The program asks for 8 x 500m with 1min standing rest. I did this in the treadmill. I actually like doing speedwork in the treadmill because you can set the speed and then you can just stick to it or be a quitter.


Whenever I do speedwork my ongoing dialogue is “I can do this … maybe not … just a bit more … but my legs are getting

tired … but its just a few more minutes/meters … but im dying …” Then pretty soon the interval is over and I can relax.  

A track is probably the purist preferred venue but it’s a bit boring to run in an oval. I’ve only done it once (at the Marikina Sports Center) and after a couple of rounds it will drive you crazy…

Every training day I complete and survive is a victory in itself for me.

Subic here I come!


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