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6 Mar

Cruise C0ntr0l coined a new running word today. Introducing …EASPEED!

Etymology : easy + speed

An easy speed workout. “Tuesday is for easpeed.”

Fast but not fast enough. “I’m tired today but will aim for an easpeed run.”

Today’s workout : Easpeed

My training program today says 1min x 6. I could run a flat out push-push 1×6 but I need to build my mileage also. Hay!

I compromised with an easpeed run and did 2 sets of 1min x 6 and 2min x 3. Rest interval is 1min. This might have been an easpeed but I was still gasping for air towards the end of the last set.

A great Tuesday workout! Thanks Cruise C0ntr0l giving our workout today a name.



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