CARBticipation and Weight Management

Carbticipation is the active or passive phase before the consumption of carbohydrates. (In my case the starchy ones, rice to be precise.) How one handles carbticipation has significant impact on the success or failure of weight management endeavors. Active carbticipation (AC) occurs when you are working out and looking forward to your carb intake. Passive … More CARBticipation and Weight Management


Last weekend, I finally followed the recommendations from our office’s annual physical exam. I got my first set of maintenance meds. Gargh! Cholesterol. Yep, definitely #thatmoment when you know that the saying “Health is wealth” is so true. My wallet felt lighter after that moment. Well, on the upside I got a Mercury Drug suki … More #ThatMoment

   Food prepping like a boss  can get tiring and boring. I do enjoy it but I’ve decided to give it a rest for a few weeks.  Enter Plan:Eat. I  researched and scanned available dietfood delivery. They had good reviews and had the most affordable plans. I opted for their 1200 kcal plan. My minimum … More

going old school

Found this sweetie at the bottom of my “for sorting” box (errr one of my for sorting boxes … i still have a few to go through). I miss logging my steps. It gives such a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to move more. That and I prolly have low EQ and need to see … More going old school