Virtual races : Yay or Nay

Virtual Races, whut?

I haven’t joined international ones, but the one we have here in Philippines via works this way:

You register, pick your distance, pick your shirt size, pay and wait for the start of the race.

Then you run. Submit your run to a portal. And then, run some more until you hit the distance you registered for .

Well, I really don’t run-run yet, I’m still in the walk/run scheme. But that is okay, it is acceptable.

Each race has a set period. Normally, you get 30 days to hit your target.

I joined my first one last March. And then joined another last April.

I wasn’t a fan before. I wasn’t convinced by the concept. I mean, if you’re going to run on your own eniweis, why do you need to pay and register for one, right?


Along came Women’s Stride. The shirt was nice and seemed worth the 900petot.

So, I said let’s give a try. How hard can it be? Famous last words.

I registered and paid.

Then, I had to run.

Then, I felt lazy.

Then, I remembered that I’ve actually paid to do this and time was ticking

And so I ran. Slow, few but consistent. Then, I kept running. I would have good days and bad days but I kept on running. It kept me motivated and accountable. Best 900petot ever!

After 9 runs, I finally finished my race and got my loot. And those really good with math, yep that.s average of 2.33km per run.

AND I AM PROUD OF EACH RUN! It represents that days I won the battle with getting up, lacing up and going out.

I guess the featured photo for this post is a deadgiveaway that I think virtual races are Y.A.Y!

I’m in it for the accountability and motivation it gives me.

Not the medal?!? Seriously, no. How many medals (and even shirts do I need anyways?)

But I will tell you this, my 2 virtual race medals, they rest together and proudly with my Full medals and the podium ones na nasungkit ko once upon a time. Not coz of how they look, but because of what they represent. But this is just me.

I just registered for my 3rd virtual race today. Wee!

Have you tried joining virtual races? Did you like it, yay or nay?

2 thoughts on “Virtual races : Yay or Nay

    1. This virtual run/race is true gem talaga Que. Congrats again to you and Jinoe for your innovations to build the Phil community of runners

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