3 running challenges for a newbie runner

Running is not easy. Oh yes, there are gifted people out there who will just up and go zoom. I, my friend, am not one of them. I struggle with it physically and mentally.

This year, I am trying to be a lil healthier and my March went really well. My March report is here.

So from one newbie runner to another, here are my …

 3 running challenges for a newbie runner

and how I am working on them.

3. Not having a plan

I had days when I just went out for a run. They were fun but more often than not I would “feel” tired and just walk. It is still good cardio afterall. But I made little progress with my running. The overall feeling was that I was not accomplishing much and not bringing me closer to crossing another finish line with a big satisfied smile.

I am a fan of running plans. I looked through a lot of them. There are heaps on blogs, Pinterest, Instagram etc.  and settled on a simple one from Pinterest. It’s aptly called From Walking to Running in 30 days. It was a simple plan and easy enough to do.

Although I did tweak it a little bit. I wasn’t confident enough to do speed workouts so I didn’t do those.  I opted to follow the walk/run times but increased the number intervals. I aimed to do 30-40 minute run workouts which included 5 min warm-up and 5 min cool down.

Having a plan helped me because it gave me a goal and helped me see progress. I guess dear fellow newbie, my suggestion is to find a plan that fits in with your fitness level and lifestyle.

2. Having the wrong plan

And if the plan does not suit you, it is okay to tweak it a bit, scale up, scale down.

There is nothing worst that having the wrong plan. I’ve been there, too. Last year, I opted for a more “ambitious” and “aggressive” plan and it left me frustrated and not motivated at all.

Some running plans can be demanding and just cannot fit into your life. Running is there to be enjoyed and not be a source of constant frustration.

1. Lacing Up.

But truly, the biggest challenge of a newbie runner is lacing up. My run workouts are about  30-40minutes and believe me, I have days where it takes me a full hour to convince myself to lace up and go.

My run success rate is higher on weekends because even if it takes me 2 hours procrastinating, I still have a full day ahead of me to run.

Last March, it got a bit easier. My whys got a bit clearer. What are your whys? Why do want to run? Find them and lacing up might be a little easier and quicker.

And if you find yourself still not lacing up, here are a few tips to get you to lace up.

  • Find a running buddy or a running group. You can motivate each other or at least keep each other accountable.
  • Make a bet (with others or with yourself). I used to pay myself for every km I run.
  • Have a reward scheme. 1 run = 1 massage. Why not! Complete a program and get something really cool … and not running related. Hey, wait! I guess, I’m due for a reward. Yipee!
  • Announce your intention (to select friends or on your social media accounts) to keep you accountable. There is this guy on IG who is training for a marathon and every Saturday, he would post his Sunday run plan to keep himself accountable. And he nails his program, every single time.
  • Document your journey. When the going gets tough, I read my previous entries and find motivation there.
  • Use social media to motivate you. Social media is a bit tricky. I can create discontent and other negative thoughts but depends on how you use them.  I read blogs and follow heaps of runners and running hashtags to find motivation. Afterall, misery is best shared.

Good luck on your running journey and  … Lace up fellow newbie runner! Lace up and go!



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