March Report : 0kms to 4kms

New Year’s Resolution update first

How are you guys tracking with your New Year’s Resolution?

Well, I … have happy news. I started the year with a plan to do cardio and resistance HIITs. Jan and Feb saw me hitting the gym or doing home workouts.

I did not shrink as much as I hoped but I felt stronger.

Bcoz I am not a fan of burpees or jumping or bouncing around, I
shifted my cardio to running.

Something old, something new

And I surprised myself.

From 0-Zilch-Bokya kms at the start of March, I am happy to report that I can now walk/run for 4kms. I guess tita susan was right when she said, I will most likely keep my new year’s resolution. 

From 1min run and 4min walk intervals, I am notw at 5min run and 2 min walk intervals.


I even finished a 21Km Virtual Run. By Run 9, I completed Women’s Stride Virtual Run. Yes, I’m giving myself a big pat on the back, right about now.

What’s next?

I don’t have big plans…yet. For now, I intend to finish the running program I started, do more resistance HIITS and be more consistent with my yoga practice.

Hello April!


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