how hard and how long should I HIIT

20180218_213404.pngI recently started doing HIIT workouts. My first few tries, I didn’t feel I was doing it right.

Thanks to google and my trusted dial-a-friend trainer, I’ve settled on how long I need to work vs rest time vs load.

When I do Cardio HIIT on the bike, I aim for 85-90 RPM. I also dialed down to 20ON/40OFF. I still paln to work up to the 40ON/20OFF combo. The quality of work I was turning out improved, more consistent.

I applied the same system when I do Resistance HIIT (free weights or body weight). I scaled back to 30 on/30 off. Opted for weights that I could use for all.

To be more consistent, I also subscribed to a few YouTube channels. I follow the peeps working out. Misery is best shared after all.

I’m going to unearth my heart rate monitor soon also. Just need find them.

These are just a few tips on how hard and how long to HIIT. Of course, these are not absolutes but good enough starting point for newbies like me.

What’s your strategy?


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