Food prepping like a boss  can get tiring and boring. I do enjoy it but I’ve decided to give it a rest for a few weeks. 

Enter Plan:Eat.

I  researched and scanned available dietfood delivery. They had good reviews and had the most affordable plans.

I opted for their 1200 kcal plan. My minimum cals per day is really 1440 but I opted for 1200 so I’d have a bit of flexibility for milk in my coffee, the occassional munchies attack. 

How’s their food? Simple and small hahaha 

The first time I opened my Plan:Eat pack, I almost cried. I guess portion control is their secret. 

I swap meals around depending on how hungry I am. If the lunch is a sandwich, I would eat it for breakfast. 

And surprise, surprise … as long as I eat during my usual meal times. I don’t get hangry

Now I need to wrok on being good at weekends. 


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