not too fast

You’ve probably heard about internittent fasting. Read up here for details, pros, cons etc. I got interested coz I’ve seen it come up a few times in my newsfeed and a friend said he tried  it. So in the spirit of trying something new, I tried my first fast last Tuesday.

The Timing. There are a number of timing options. I selected the 18hr fast. Normally, people have their last meal at 6-7pm and next meal at 1pm the next day. As I like having breakfast I opted to fast  from 1pm to 7am. 

So Tuesday, 7am I had toast, jam and coffee for breakfast. Next meal was lunch at 12nn — a cup of rice, 1 cup of carrots and pork kaldereta. 

I oficially started the fast at 1pm. I had a full afternoon so 1-5pm just flew by. Oh, I did have time for a cup of tea.

All good…so far.

The fast it’s not so fast. It goes very sloooowly. After I clocked out and made my way home, the anti-fast conspiracy started. Scents and sights  were put all around me to tempt me.  One of  the toughest was the of smell freshly deep fried Mcdo fries, divine! 

I resisted and persisted.

I got home and I made a pot of tea.  Had it with lots of ice.

7pm – Getting hungry.

715pm – *rumbling* Is that my tummy. It is!

720pm – I.Hate.You.Neighbors!!! I can smell your adobo.

7:21pm – Is there a 6hour intermittent fasting version?

735pm. Yey, my soaps are on!  Thank you #Cardo and #LLSangre. Between my tea and my soaps, I forgot about the fast.

920pm This is harder than I thought! 

923pm Getting dizzy? Maybe, I’m just sleepy.

930pm I should just sleep this off.


6am Yay!!!!! Brekkie time!

The lesson. Distract yourself, have a no cal drink or just sleep it way. It will be over before you know it.

What a feeling. Sense of achievement, very high.😊 I did it!

I had cravings and my stomach rumbled but I still like  my 18hr timing. I didn’t feel deprived. Now, I  know that time will feel  slow during a fast and will make sure to stay busy and distracted next round.

 Plus, I was well hydrated after this fast.

I can do this again. I still have a box to tick off for this week. The promise is good afterall.

Have you tried intermittent fasting? I’m starting a new  round again. Check  back in 4 weeks for update. 

Update 05 Sep 2017. So I lasted 3 weeks on this scheme. The hunger pangs disappeared but I felt that my morning productivity declined. I did drop 2lbs but this is not for me. This is something plan to do on slow weekends but not for my typical work week. 


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