going old school

Found this sweetie at the bottom of my “for sorting” box (errr one of my for sorting boxes … i still have a few to go through).

I miss logging my steps. It gives such a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to move more. That and I prolly have low EQ and need to see instant feedback.

I tried the apps available but you need to carry your phone around all the time and they consume a lot of batt.

Speaking of batt, this sweetie was outta juice when I found it.

Went to Daiso to get some battery and along came the nicest salesperson. I didn’t know what battery I needed and the ones they have on stock seemed bigger so I said I’d just get a new one. It’s only 80pesos ($1.60). She found me the last pedometer they have on stock. Seeing that it was the same style, she got the battery code for me and recommended I just buy a new battery at the electronics shop. How nice was that! Totally made my day.

Got pair of new batteries, 25pesos!

Excited to take out my fully charged pedometer and start logging serious numbers.


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