lovin’ this hatha flow for my tight quads and hams 

The 2 tabata session I did last week were killers. Well, killer for a certified #TitasOfManila like me at least. Yep, squats and lunges makes me creeeeaky. Not very elegant especially when I get up after sitting a long spell. My quads and hams were soooo tight.

Then I remembered one of my favorite flows and how well it gives the right release. After 45minutes, pure bliss! I enjoyed the practice all the way to the savasana.

It’s a very good session and the teacher, David Procyshyn is really wonderful. I like that he is very concise, provides excellent cues and easy to follow. Not a lot of fripperies plus his voice is very soothing.

New to yoga? It’s okay. Take the options and just mindfully practice. Push yourself but respect the limits of your body. Enjoy!

Click here for the link to the video or click here to visit his site.

PS. After 1 session, I can elegantly stand and sit again. 😊


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