Tips to fully experience Toruk – The First Flight 

We braved last Friday’s traffic to catch the Asian premier of Cirque du Soleil’s Toruk: The First Flight at SM MOA Arena. And it was worth it!

If somebody said, “Raise your hand if you’ve dreamed of watching a #cirquedusoleil show.” I would probably be one of the first to raise a hand and jump up and down. I’ve seen clips of their performance but the wonder and magic of their show simply could not translate and be captured in a video.

And so last Friday, I was able to put a big tick mark complete with ❤❤❤ and big 😊.

Tip #1 : Get your tickets … Now! 

You still have one week to catch the show. Visit to book your tickets. Tickets start at Php1500.

Seating question … what can I see from where? The seating guide tells you where view will be limited. However, it’s a live acrobatic show on a massive set –think along the.lines of a whole basoetball size set. There is a treat for everyone at every seat. My.problem was looking and seeing everything happenong ostage because all the players were soooooo good and pulled out non-stop tricks.

Tip #2 : Come a little early and snag a pic with a Na’vi

We came early and had time to hang around the lobby area for pics at the posters. And we were in for a treat,  we spotted Na’vis. Rikki and I were very lucky to have this photo with the show’s Principals. Thats (L-R) Tsyal, The Narrator, Ralu and Entu.

Tip #3 : Download the Toruk: The First Flight app and come with a fully charged phone

The app allows you to be part of the show, catching fireflies and even be part of the extended lighting design as your ohone flashes and changes color display. It was fun! Sadly, I forgot to fully charge my phone and  was only able to participate in half of the interactive parts of the show. I did get to play with the fireflies but seeing flashing lights and changing colors to match the stage lighting was very magical. 

Download the app and enjoy the full experience.

Tip #4 : Take some photos then put away your phone.

This show will offer wonders and delight aplenty. RESIST the temptation to capture from your camera. RESIST watching out for instagramable moments. The show is best seen and experienced from the edge of your seat with eyes flitting up, down, right and left of the stage. Expect  performers sometimes more than 20 at a time do amazing turns, tumbles and jumps one after the other.

Here’s one if the two photos I took at the show. When they unveiled the stage and gave us our first glimpse of Pandora,  I could only say “W.O.W”!

I knew the live acrobatics was going to be spectacular but I was blown away and in equal awe with the stage and lighting  design. This is why the videos will never compare. Thru state-of-the-art lighting effects. I heard they used 40 projectors. They took us through the different tribes of Pandora, thru forests, rivers and even lava that threatened the tree of souls. 

Now repeat with me,“I (say your name) promise to experience the show and will put away my phone/camera.”

Tip #5: Keep your eyes peeled for the following:

1. A baby na’vi at the opening scene. I missed this one. I feel so bad and I saw the pics, sooo cute.

2. The set and lighting design. It was magnificent and transports you through the tribes of na”vi, the triumphs and challenges of characters. Things.magically appear on stage. Amazing!

3. The animals of pandora. In a James Cameron world, the wonderful creatures that came out were all fantastic. Here’s one of them. Thanks sir Jun Mendoza for letting me use your pic.

Photo credit : Jun Mendoza
Watch out for the 6-legged horse, the turtle and the feral hounds. 

And of course, do not blink when Toruk takes flight. Fun fact : One of the puppeteers is a FilAm. He is one of six who will make the mighty Toruk soar and swoop.

Toruk : The First Flight will run until July 2 at SM MOA Arena. Tickets still available at

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