I’m a big girl and I tape

The good news, I am regularly running again. By regularly, I mean I’ve logged runs for 2 weekends.  Good enough for me, it’s a win I’m celebrating. It’s still too hot to run in the evenings and I don’t have enough time during the weekedays for morning runs,  so I’m officially a weekend warrior.

Regularly running at my current weight could lead to an unwanted reunion with an old friend. 

Hello, nasty plantar fasciitis. 

Last week, I didn’t tape and after the run I had twinges and stiffness. The good news is, I just feel it coming, it hasn’t reared its fugly head yet. I wanna it head off before it does.

For my runs this weekend, I got my trusty 1 1/2″ LP tape. Criss-cross taping with extra tug near the arches to hug and support them. 👍🏽👍🏽 for Bards, it worked!

My tape’s partner for a smooth ride … Wave Enigma 6 and I’m loving it. (Note : Full disclosure (1) Mizuno Philippines provided us bloggers the newest addition to their line to test and (2) before the Enigma, I run around on my trusty Rider 17.)

What’s to l❤️ve?
Cushion to the max. As a heavier runner, I’m looking for some tender lovin’ and the Enigma provides that comfy ride. Not the bouncy kind, but just right cushioning that I don’t feel like I’m pounding the pavement.

I can wiggle my toes. The toe box is very roomy. The shoe hugs you from midfoot to heel and you have enough room for your piggies. No to dead toe nails, right?

Cups my heels. Supports my heels well that they don’t wobble. Another big ✅ to avoid the return of my PFs.

Longer shoe laces. You might say, “Huh!?!” to this one. But if you are like me with wobbly heels, then you may wanna try this to avoid heel slipping. To pull off this lacing, you need longer laces.

What will make you hesitate?
I am big on soul and sole searching. Click here to read on what I went through long long time ago to select a new pair. So, if it is not love at first fit for you, here are some things that you will probably consider with the Enigma.

Sizing. You will need to fit this in-store. Don’t.Buy.Online. No vanity sizing here. Prolly because of the cushionning on the uppers, you might need to go one size bigger. I’m usually an 81/2 but the 9 fit me better. Give it a try before you settle on the size.

Thicker soles, a bit higher. I slip and turn my ankle often, so my worry here was it’s a bit higher than my Riders. Weighed against the cushioning, Enigma still won today when I was choosing what to wear. 

Zee price. At 7500sumthing pesos, it’s a bit dear but if you are starting to run, this is the entry level shoes for you. If you are on the heavy side, give your self some tender loving. If you are logging crazy mileage, it’s a no brainer. Comfy = more kms. 

I was in the market for a new pair, so the question is, would I have bought the Enigma if I didn’t get it for free. 

The answer, is a big Yes! It’s an investment but rehab is more expensive. 😁

And if you think you have plantar fasciitis coming, Tape! They are nasty and you want to avoid them at all cost.

Happy running!


4 thoughts on “I’m a big girl and I tape

    1. Hullo, good morning! I’ve had a look at those custom inserts. I’m not totally sold on the idea yet (it feels like a forever thing I will need to run with) and taping even though it takes a lil time works for me still.

      1. I see. The Profoot brand has an insole designed for users with plantar fascitis; a mainstay whenever I pass by True Value. I’ve used some of their insoles for everyday shoes, and they offer the support that I need.

        Just sharing, though; good luck with the running regimen!

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