weekend on the cheapside

Living in Makati can be pricey. You are surrounded by malls, restos and cafes. All out there to sell you something. And yes … they often win.

This weekend, I managed a fun weekend on the cheapside.

1. Chair Massage (30 pesos for 7mins). While walking through Glorietta, I found this row of massage chairs. For 30pesos per 7mins you can rest and relax. Super love and super cheap. You gotta try it. Oh and you need to pay extra 10pesos if you don’t have socks.

2.Art in the Park (Free). I saw this being set-up yesterday and oh boy The Prado Museum in Manila did not disappoint. Click here for exhibit details. Must see … Luna’s Death of Cleopatra. But my favorite are the Goyas. His piece of Saturn eating his son was disturbingly good. 

Exhibit will be there until May 22.

And if you do, read the write-ups, too. Interesting snippets … like did you know that some Masters include themselves in portraits of their titled patrons for prestige. And there’s this one with their servant in the family portrait to show their status. And do look for the pinky finger  of this artist almost reaching out and touching his patron’s pinky. 

And yep, I ❤ museums!

3. Yummy iced coffee at home (Free). Fancy coffees range from 100 to 250pesos. This tall drink, came straight out my pantry to my tummy. 

4. Park workout (Free). Fancy gyms are ❤❤❤ but working out in the park is also a pleasant change. Got my routine from google and used my free tabata..pawis much!

Recharged and ready for Monday!


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