Have you tried habit stacking?

I encountered habit stacking at James Clear’s site. His article discussed how we can build new habits by stacking it to a current habit. Very similar to associating new habit you want to develop by doing it before/after something you normally do. 

I tried it first with making my bed every day.

Current habit : Wake up and get up
New Habit : AFTER getting up, make bed

It worked! I no longer rush doing it before I leave in the morning or worse coming home to unmade bed.

And then last week, I wanted to increase success rate of my weekly workout plan. So I came up with a stack that included my workout.
5:30 – Wake up

5:45 – Tabata
(new habit)
6:30 – Shower
7:00 – Breakfast
7:30 – Rock and roll … let’s get to work!

The hardest part was getting up at 5:30 am! But I needed to get up earlier to squeeze in the new habit.

Setting the  alarm worked. As it should! I had alarms for 5:00, 5:05, 5:09, 5:17, 5:25 and 5:30 😂😂😂 It also helped that I put in time blocks for each habit. It afforded flexibility when I wake up a little later. And when I’m running behind, I have cues when I have to hurry up.

The side effect of this plan is I now sleep earlier, too.

The plan next week will be the same.

Mon: Rest Day (Don’t you just love it?)
Tue: HIIT Chest and Back + zee Burpees
Wed: HIIT Bis, Tris, Shoulders + Leg
Thu: Rest Day (Thursday, I love you, too!)
Fri: HIIT Chest and Back + Burpees
Sat: HIIT Bis, Tris, Shoulders + Legs
Sun: Long walk + HIIT Abs (Excited for Monday)

What’s your gameplan for this week?


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