How to battle with your inner slacker

It’s Thursday and I’ve completed 2 out of 5 workouts planned. For me this is not the time to celebrate. This is the time to be vigilant. 

Master Yoda would probably say, “Treacherous times this is.”  The break is for rest and to allow the body to recover. But during this time my inner slacker also gains strenght and devours all my good intentions.

“Here, have an extra rice. It’s your rest day.” 

Or worse, come Friday…

“What, you’re getting up to workout? Goodness girl, you deserve a bit more rest.”

Or “It’s Friday … take it easy.”

Or “How’s your quads? Burning still, eh? Give it another day!”

I have to admire my inner slacker, the force is strong with this one. But fight it I must! 

Here’s my battle plan.

1. Eyes on the prize. I wrote down my fit lifestyle goals and today (and tomorrow morning) I will bring it out and reread it to will remind myself why I started in this journey again.

2. Activate inner overachiever. This is the nemesis of my inner slacker and my number 1 ally. OverAchieverMe cannot stand defeat and worse losing face. So I’m blogging and putting it out there. 

I will complete my 5 workouts for the week.

3. Bribery … as a last resort. 😂😂😂 I’ve listed down non-food treats. Week 1 treat is really good and I.Want.It! 

Inner slacker, begone!


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