Why I love Mondays

So I had a plan last week. I had 6 workout days planned. Completed 4 workout days. 4 from zero, makes me a hero. And heck yeah! I am celebrating that 😊Tracked my food intake, too.

So why do I love Mondays?

Well, it’s the start of another week! How can you not love it? Okay, okay … answer too perky and borderline annoying! But, I truly do love mondays, even if I have to drag myself to work, wake up early, start dancing the chacha, pasata and what have you all over again just to meet deadlines and deliverables. 

So really, why?

Because, Monday is my Rest Day from workout. #certifiedslacker 😃😃😃

So I started this week with a big smile and a rescoped workout plan. I will try to cross-off everything on my list.

Based on last week’s win, I know I can squeeze in my HIIT workouts. I will build on that. So for this week, I will:

Mon: Rest Day (Don’t you just love it?)
Tue: HIIT Chest and Back + zee Burpees
Wed: HIIT Bis, Tris, Shoulders + Leg
Thu: Rest Day (Thursday, I love you, too!)
Fri: HIIT Chest and Back + Burpees
Sat: HIIT Bis, Tris, Shoulders + Legs

Sun: Long walk + HIIT Abs (Excited for Monday.)

Here’s my burpee workout. Total of 55 burpees in 10mins. 

And here’s me squeezing in a short cardio workout yesteray morning. People thought I was kidding until they looked in on me again 16mins later and I was sweating like cray cray.

Happy Monday, y’all! What’s your plan for the week?


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