fat blasting week

Well, well, well…

This fat rubensque banana had a big week!

It all started 2 Sundays ago when 3 queens and a fab coach got together for a big workout and a bigger breakfast. 😊 It was a morning of chikahan and pain. That tabata workout was good and the company even better.

Unwittingly, the 3 of us committed to push and meet our fitness goals. It’s going to be a big journey but it is good to have company. Even if one of us is on a weight gain journey!

On Monday,  I did more tabatas. I was excited to do more but I knew better. Too much, too soon wouldn’t be too smart.

Plus I was prepping for something new on Wednesday. The Adidas FitSquad had something extra special for March.#RumbleWednesday at FlyweightPH. We jabbed, hooked and crossed. Teacher Clang threw in jacks, squats and planks to #MixItUp. 

That workout took its toll, in a very good way. Hurts sooo good. But I squeezed in a short yoga practice on Thursday. I needed that!

Then, Sunday came and I was so excited to run with some of my T2 friends – Dingdong, Keti and Smokey. Just like before, today we ran different distances and paces but it’s always good to catch up and do something we love.

Excited for this week! Work will be too cray-cray but I will keep sane with some lungbusting workouts.

Here’s the plan this week:

Mon : Tabata
Tue : Tabata + swim
Wed : Yoga + Run
Thu : Yoga
Fri : Tabata
Sat : Run


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