find time, make time, invest time


Time … the whipping boy and perennial excuse for not being able to workout. This week, I stopped using it as an excuse and owned up that I am largely at fault.

The truth is, the reason I am not able to workout is because I do not find time for it and do not make the time for it.

I might slip up next week. Or I may continue to surprise myself. I am writing it all down while I still have my runner’s high to remind myself and maybe give someone out there a nudge as well.

1. Find time. I used to think I needed at least a 2hour block in my sched for a workout. And this includes prep, travel to the workout venue, workout, prep to get to the next sched.

Through the wonderful world of google and with a crew (I will be talking about later), I found a kill-me-now 4-minute workout,  10-30 minute yoga flows, 5-15 minute body part specific routines, 20 minute dance sessions and many more.

Time has always been there for me to do all these fitness routines, I just wasn’t maximising time and scrutinizing my schedule. Or I spend way to much  time, thinking I just have not time, when I could have spent that time on a 30sec plank.

2. Make time. And the partner of finding time … making time. When I find the time to move my @$$, I often choose not to move. I have written about a few mornings when deciding whether to run or not took so long, I could have ran and been back in bed already. Sad … haha.

When you find the time, choose to make time for your workout. Don’t we all see those feature articles that tells us to use the tv commercial breaks to do push ups, squats or crunches? I think, they’ve got it right. My tweak, rather than channel surf during the commercials I will really drop and do that plank challenge. Wish me luck!

This week, I had a very lofty goal – 4 runs, 2 lifts  (weights) and 1 yoga. I got in 2 runs, 1 swim (should offset 1 run), 1 lift and 1 yoga. I’m 1 cardio short but that dinner (should have been a run) was fun and good sanity break.

3. Invest time. I passed by a gym during my run this morning. This gym had an ad that reads,  “Invest in yourself.” How apt!

Time to shift gears…

Workouts to improve our fitness level is not about spending time, it is about us investing time on ourselves! Surely, I don’t need to go through the whole route of “we only have 1 body …blah-blah“. We all know that, it is just easier to disregard it. haha

There are several options in the metro today. And I am excited to share with you the newest 1 and with the best perks. Under Armour will be launching the UA Run Crew. I was one of the lucky few invited to the media launch. And I can tell you, that 4-minute workout of Coach Tony Saret … killer! Love/Hate it so much!


Read on for the full details below.

Find and make time to register at UA Brand Houses located at BGC and Trinoma or online via


Under Armour launches UA Run Crew

With running becoming part of the daily routine of among fitness aficionados in the busy streets of the metro, Under Armour is set to formally launch the UA Run Crew in collaboration with APEX Sports Training System on October 1, 5pm, Saturday at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, with Under Armour ambassadors Piolo Pascual, and Coach Jim and Toni Saret.

Under Armour’s UA Run Crew is a tailor-made program for active lifestyle enthusiasts and aspiring runners as it provides a step-by-step guide towards a person’s objective in running.
UA Run Crew is consisted of community runs every Saturday that comes along with an in-depth seminar with fitness experts to flesh out every essential aspect about running, including dynamic warm-up exercises, injury prevention, race day nutrition, and many more.

In addition, first 20 male and female participants will have the opportunity to try the highly acclaimed UA Charged Bandit 2 as part of UA Run Crew’s monthly shoe trials. The UA Charged Bandit 2 is a good running partner as it sports the Molded Micro G® foot-bed that takes the shape of the foot for great cushioning as well as a rubber outsole that offers full ground contact with deep tense grooves for extra flexibility.

Aside from the UA Run Crew, Under Armour will also be introducing the UA Record and MapMyRun digital applications that track and monitor the progress of runners.

The UA Run Crew will be headed by brand ambassador and program director Jim Saret, who is the sports and fitness-training consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee and currently serves as the president of Scientific Sports and Fitness Council of the Philippines.

Interested applicants can now register in all Under Armour brand houses in BGC, UP Town. While you may register online at

Registered applicants will be part of the very first Under Armour Run Crew in the country. They will receive exclusive discounts, be the first to try the latest innovation gears from Under Armour and get free coaching from our international trainers Coach Jim and Coach Toni Saret along with the other Under Armour PH ambassadors.

Make sure to #RunWithFight on your social media accounts and follow Under Armour Philippines via @underarmourph on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook at rmoursea.


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