DIY kinda day : plastic bag dispenser

Yey! No work for us today. What to do? 


But all the crafts ek are still safely packed and stacked in the nook of horrors. Set goal … Unpack 1 box today. But first some crafts. Much more fun than unpacking.

So even if there is a city ordinance that prohibiting use of plastic bags, there are still plastic bags creeping up. I don’t throw them all away because they are good for disposing wet rubbish. In the last few weeks, I’ve filled a small paper bag with plastic. My lil bag of chaos can turn into a 34sqm nightmare so today I made a lil DIY dispenser.

Materials : Soda 500 ml bottle, scissors and my plastic collection.  

Directions :

1. Cut the soda bottle. Height? I made mine about 6 tall. Cut the bottom bit too. That will be your base and will keep the bags in place.

2. Roll ’em up until you have bundle that will fit snuggly in the bottle. My collection includes baggies, the bread bag and the littles platic they put your veggies in. 

3. Put it in the bottle and lock it in place with the soda bottle base.

Ta-da! Try it!

RUN. My FB feed is full of runs and races. I will go out for a quick one before dinner.

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