Quest for steps, neighborhood finds and pinipigs


Saturdays are tricky. It can be such a productive day filled with one activity to another or be an absolutely slothlike bedhostage day.

But today, I have a #steptember mission. Got up early-ish and in my quest for steps, I went a coffeeshop a lil father from the house. Yipee! Steps!

Kit found me there browsing the broadsheet from the back to protect my bliss bubble. As I was making my weekly menu and grocery list, he asked if I wanted to go to the wet market. That perked me up!

More steps! Plus I really miss going to the wet market. The shop next door is convenient but I love the buzz, banter and bargains of wet markets. Okay, it can get wet and smelly at times but it’s still fun.

We finished our coffee and off we go. 2 left turns and 2 right turns later … ta-da our barangay wet market.

We walked the 100m length to see whats on sale. I ended up getting 6 bananas, a slice of pineapple, a piece of cake, 2 packs mixed veg and 6 lil prawns, oh and the usual onions and garlic. All for under 300pesos!

And my greatest find, pinipig! I remember my mom would cook some for weekend afternoon snacks. Yum!

Cooking Pinipig
=5806 steps

9K steps to go!

Enjoy the long weekend!


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