the gift of time

I am guilty of vegging out in front of the tv or aimlessly browsing through FB, instagram, twitter etc or sitting through while waiting for my candy crush life refills.


Today, I embraced and thanked the universe for gift of time by choosing to:

– Say good morning and smile for our building guards, the lola at the park and the runner wearing same shirt as me (10 seconds)

– Text and check in with mom (30 seconds)

– Walk/Run for my #Steptember challenge (1hr)

Hey, you can still donate to Team Step Up Manila  fundraising page: (

The simplest ways to be grateful and use for our gift of time do not take too long naman.

– Long Warm up walk to the park
– 1min walk x 1min run x 5
– Short walk to another park (I got bored)
– 500m run x 500 walk x 2
– Long cool down to buy bread and coffee, and walk home

Happy weekend, let us share the joy of this gift with your family and friends.


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