Fat – Fit – Fat Tribe

I belong to the fat-fit-fat tribe. I know how to shift back to the fit gear. I know how to move to the next phase. 

But my unmindful choices bind me to this state.

Take this week for instance, I have a fitness program. It starts on a Sunday. Each day, I’ve earmarked 30min to 1hr for yoga, lift, run plus 10K steps a day … and still as at Wednesday 6pm, I’ve only ticked 10k steps. I am celebrating my 10K steps but still I am a bit disappointed woth myself. What did I do with the rest of the days? Is a 30min – 1hr block really that difficult to find? Gaaaaargh!

That was my inner dialogue earlier. I was really beating myself up and terribly whiny.

I have days like this one. But  moments like this is important. True, I am in a fat-fit-fat vicious cycle. To be honest, I’ve been in the fat cycle far too long. Moments like this one gives me jolt and helps me shake off my sluggishness.

Luckily, I am not a fan of languishing in this state and bounce back relatively quickly.

And bounce back, I did.

After calling myself all kinds of lazy, I decided to suit up and see if I can repeat the 1Km SwimWin 2 weeks ago. Before something  could distract me, I suited up and grabbed my gear.

Poolside in 10mins. 

1Km swim…tick!

It wasn’t a Phelps kinda swim.

It was more like ….  Swim.  *gasp* How many more laps? Swim. This is very relaxing. Swim. I’m a floating prune. Swim. Rain, rain, go away 500m more. Swim! 300m to go! Swim. 800m is a good number, too. Swim. 1Km! Woohoo!

I’m out of the rut for now. I just need to find inspiration and motivation to stay out of it.

And this probably a good segue to …

Speaking of swimming, Phelps and motivation…

Did you know that Michael Phelps’ son’s footprint was printed on the insole of his Under Armour Olympic footwear?

Yep, Phelp’s footwear featured a personal touch to provide an additional source of motivation as he heads into competition. His 3-month old son, Boomer’s footprint was printed on the insole of his shoe as a personal reminder that Boomer was with him every step and stroke of the way. Check it out here

So I guess the next question is, so what is this shoe

It’s the UA Architech.

This first-ever 3D printed performance trainer was introduced by Under Armour last March. The first color sold out in under 20 minutes! A new color of the UA Architech will be available as a limited edition offering to consumers this August on UA.com

20mins! My inner geek is very curious now. What’s the tech?

The Brand says UA Architech features:

– 360-degree performance training

– functional 3D printed midsole and 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper design that creates a “super-hybrid” trainer to provide athletes with a shoe that not only gives a locked-in, supportive feel, but also flexes and moves with the foot to provide a zero distractions experience

– Charged Cushioning underfoot for responsiveness and comfort, and a thin rubber outsole for traction and you have Under Armour’s most elite performance trainer

Claim is that this performance trainer provides athletes with the ultimate stability and cushioning to take on the most intense workouts.

Check it at at UA.com.

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