Soap opera kinda run


I’ve been stepping and hitting my 10K goal but I’ve been bailing from my runs.  So my revised strategy last Wednesday was to run home. Yep! I went to faraway land (well… about 7K away) and did not bring ready cab fare home.

I had no choice but walk/run home.

After doing my 30min run program around the park, I started my 7Km walk/run journey. Easy, right?

Well, the monsoon made it interesting. 1Km in, it started to rain. I had to ditch my walk/run plan. I had to keep on running.

Running under the rain is hard core. If I did my walk/run, I would simply look silly. And so I ran. I could have stopped, yes, but where’s the fun in that. Plus, It.Felt.Great!

About 1Km from home, while waiting for the lights to change at an intersection, I suddenly felt tried, my legs were complaining and I began questioning the wisdom of running without cab fare. Then this lady approached me and out of the blue asked, “Miss, may singkwenta ka?” (Miss do you have 50 pesos?) I’ve heard about this lady and her scam at this intersection.

So I looked at her, looked down to show her how soaked I am, laughed and said, “Miss, sorry, wala po. Tumatakbo na nga lang po ako pauwi.” (Miss sorry, I don’t have, as you can see, I’m just running home.)

It’s Saturday now and I still have to log another run. I need a game plan for tomorrow.


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