Hydrate with jazzed up water

I love drinking coca cola. Fact. But I also know that this whole journey will be better and healthier without my favorite drink. It’s not easy to give it up but as much as possible I say no to my favorite soda.

Instead of turning to other sugarfilled drinks, I’ve started drinking infused water. The one on the pic is one of the more colorful and fun ones. I’ve also tried:

  • orange, lemon, apples
  • lime, cucumber, orange
  • grapes, cucumber, lemon
  • watermelon, cucumber, lime

Add a dash of cayenne pepper to give it a zing.

Add chia seeds to boost it further.

Walking goal : 12 July 2016 :  12,115 steps 


2 thoughts on “Hydrate with jazzed up water

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