3 tweaks to improve walking form

I’ve completed 1 week of 10,000 steps daily. Yipee! For this week, I will try and focus more on improving my walking form.

Yeah, yeah those of us who can, do spend a good deal of time walking. But have you really paid much attention on how you walk? Do you slouch? Does one leg step farther than the other? Do you swing your arms? Are your abs tight and engaged?

Proper walking form is a contributing factor to how fast you walk, how you can avoid injury and how much you will enjoy your walk. Here are a couple of links that I read to improve my walking form:

– Fitness walking technique and form

– 8 Keys to proper fitness walking

This week I will :
1. Make sure not to overstride. Made that mistake last Saturday and my shins complained. A bit of self-massage helped me make  peace with them.

2. Engage my core.  I find that activating my core helps to align my whole body. My chest opens up, my shoulders drop and I stand taller. The “how do I know I’m doing it right” section of the article linked here has a pretty good description to help you engage your core.


3. Practice Mountain Pose. It really is a simple pose but when done right will help with mindfulness and awareness of proper alignment. Yoga Journal step by step guide here.

Did 15,781 steps today!

How about you, what’s your goal this week?


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