I try to see life through filters. Not to deceive myself or to dilute reality but to see things in a better light, put important aspects into focus and infuse positivity. Life can really be annoying amusing and creative in handing out all sorts of lemons. I find that a good way to cope is knowing many ways to use lemons. Too much lemonade can really be that good. 

Today, work was supposed to start at 1pm so I planned for a long walk, hit 10k steps and have a leisurely brunch. When I woke up, the world was grey. A storm!!! Luckily, by the time I got dressed and ready to go out, the rained calmed down a bit.

Through another filter it would have been a gray, wet and wild…a totally depressing day.

It was that and more…here’s my fb status:


Finished my walk. Brunch was yum. Even did a spot of shopping. Walked through strong winds and rain showers and laughed through it all. Some folks walking with me heard me giggling as I tried to keep my umbrella and myself from being blown away and they too smiled. We did look very funny battling the winds with our brolly. Happy to report that my flimsy brolly survived too thanks to skillful manueverings.

Total steps today 10,030.


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