Mixed it up with yoga


Hello PAIN!!!

After a day of intervals followed by silly dancing my titas-of-manila bod is creaking. My walk was more like lolas-of-manila. My quads are still rebelling against all the squats I did last Monday. Twas mid-day when I finally succumbed and took Alaxan FR.

But I intend to triumph over this challenge!

I was not too keen to silly dance again to hit the mark so I decided to take the long route home. As I stepped out of the building, I saw a friend and decided to walk her to her trike stop. It was a pleasant way to log steps and catch up on things. After I dropped her off, I decided to walk to the supermarket and finally get some cucumber to make infused  water. I saw another officemate walking in the same direction. He knew I was way off my usual route home and I explained that my 10K target.  He counts steps too and shared that there are days when he can log as much as 20K from just going around/up&down our office. (Will file that tidbit as an option. Although, won’t I look too dodgy if seen on CCTV to be going up and down the stairs often.)

I discovered a Vietnamese restaurant on my long route home. Oh what a find! Grabbed a banh mi for dinner.

When I got home I was at 9922. *sigh* What to do? Jog in place!!! Haha..Target…HIT!

To finish of the day, I unearthed an old copy of Yoga Journal and selected a gentle routine.

For my practice, I focused on my ujjayi breathing. It kept me centered and mindful.

My take away for today…being centered and mindful will help me triumph!

How was your day? Did you hit your targets?


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