Silly danced my way to 10K


Well, well, well… today is only day 2 and the challenge is already getting tougher.

I normally bank 4000steps just walking to and from work but an early meeting offsite made me miss my morning walk. The meeting had me chairbound for 3 hours.

By the time I finished the day I was only at 6Ks. I have a looong way to go before I hit my target.

Option 1 : Walk around the park. But, but, but it was raining. *whine* I was not too keen to walk outside.

Option 2 : My friend Kit once said that when he was not hitting his 20K target, he would do jumping jacks to make the mark. Now, I have already established that I am not a fan of Jacks. Scratch this one.

Option 3 : Aha! I can march and jog in place. I put on music and shuffled around the room. Music was good … before I knew it I was dancing silly around the room. After 30minutes of sillydancing I was tired…and hungry. But I was only at 8300++ 1600sumthing  to go.

It stopped raining so I decided to buy dinner. I took the long way, saw a vulcanising shop, found a spa near the house, almost bought avocado and finally circled back to the house. 9500++ Almost there …

Where did I get the last 500? Sillydancing of course. I danced when I setting up dinner. And continued dancing as I washed the dishes. Good thing the housemates were still out.

Day 2 target, ACHIEVE!


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