Following the stars

The stars said that July 4 is a good day to start  a wellness program. 

So ta-da! 

Today I decided to kick start this new moon with a new goal. I’m going to join the bandwagon and try to hit 10,000 steps a day. 

I got home and I was at 8K so I decided to do a bit of weights and cardio. After 30 minutes, I hit my goal. Not too bad! Hit the goal with 30 steps to spare. Although, I will ‘fess up and tell you know that I skipped the jumping jacks in the program. Hate, hate, hate them. I replaced them with jogging in place instead.
And because I’m really a geek at heart, will also share with you that I just started reading James Clear’s “Transform Your Habits”  free ebook. I’m using the 3Rs of habit change he talked about in the book to keep me on track.

The 3Rs? 

Reminder, Routine and Reward!

It’s a long way from my 80km weeks of 2009 but I do believe that transforming my habits and making better ones will help me get there. Well, not back to 80km weeks … my lola knees won’t be too happy for it. But I do want to build healthier habits and yes get a hot bod while I’m at it. Haha

I will do the steps. Take a step. I will get there …


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