Willett : The golf ball under my desk


I wake up late … which means I get the news version with world sports, which means I’ve been seeing a lot of golf news. Oh well, might as well do a golf related post.

I did a looong walk last Thursday and another longish one last Sunday, as a result, my old friends – pain and stiffness – are back. My feet and legs are probably cursing my new shoes and praying for its speedy demise. Tough luck, me likee them very much.

Thanks to the extensive coverage of everything Masters this past few days, I remembered another old friend. He’s tucked away at the back of my office drawer. While reading through a report, I took it out and massaged my feet. Bliss. I was surpised to find so many knots. I need to do this regularly now.

Wanna try self massage with a golf ball? Here’s how you can do it.

1. Establish control. Put the golf ball under one foot. Move it around and get used to the motion and  see how best to control the ball.

Tip : The pink box cover is not just for the photo op. It actually prevents the golf ball from rolling all over the place.

2. Warm-up and explore. As much as I love to zero in on the super tight and knot filled arches, I always roll the ball up and down, right and left. Just to warm up and find the tight areas and knots.


Roll the ball up, down, right, left or in circles and exert pressure to loosen up tight areas.

Find a knot, press and hold. If a little bit confused, just imagine how massage therapists work on your shoulder knots, works the same way.

Tip:  Don’t concentrate in one area only. Make sure you  target your heels, toes, the fleshy bit under the toes, arches and the fleshy bit beside it.

Not a runner? Give this a try as well if you spend a long time on your feet, they will need some TLCs, too.

And in honor of new daddy danny, I’m calling my golf ball and self-massage buddy … Willett. 😊


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