i didn’t get the memo

About half a kilometer from the house is a new AyalaLand development. Like BGC circa 2007, Circuit is a nice place to run. Plenty of construction going on but no cars yet. 

It is a nice new playground.

The walk to and from the it was also good for warm-up and cooldown. I just need to find sidestreets instead of walking along Chino Roces. Walking there this morning was a bit interesting. I walked beside a man chugging Tanduay rum straight from the bottle, not that walking and pouring his drink to a shotglass would have made me more comfortable. I crossed to the other side of the street. On the other side, a man at a corner cheerfully greeted me good morning and raised his bottle of Red Horse beer.

I think I didn’t get the memo. This must be start the day right with a bit of a tipple day.

The run was great though. Tipplers aside will be going back to the Circuit.

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