Late start on a cloudy Saturday

And so there I was, bouncing along the first run segment of my walk/run program when one of things my  crazy coach told me once popped into my head.

“When you train to run slow, then that’s what you will be … a slow runner.”

A photo posted by Bards (@bananarunning) on Oct 16, 2015 at 8:31pm PDT

I.Am.Lazy! I am guilty of just bouncing along to  tick off the run segments when I train. Sometimes my run segments are so slow, it would have been better to just brisk walk. That.Lazy!

Today, I went out fast. I’m so happy and proud of myself. It was not sprint fast.  I’m geeky enough to actually compute my training paces. But it was fast enough to increase my heart rate. Fast enough that  felt like I was running, training and chasing my goals.

I have along way to go but I will keep this little golden nugget as a key training pillar. 

Did you take advantage of this cloudy Saturday to squeeze in a run?


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