RUPM Pacers : xoxo

Last Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to work with these energetic, slightly cray-cray and handsdown  best runners in town. 

They all took on the challenge of helping runners achieve their goals. They made dreams come true when they paced, coached, cheered and motivated runners to exceed themselves. They overcame aches, pains, sidestiches and even dizziness just to get the runners with them across the finish line and within their goal times.
They also told the race best stories.

There was this little girl who came up to one of the pacers. She looked tired but her eyes were twinkling when she said to the pacer, ” I saw you. I was trying to catch up.” And she almost did, she came in at 30mins on her 5K race.

And then there was the one about  Jojo. He’s “55 years old…still going strong…3 apo…and has stage 3 prostate…” who joined one of the pace groups and ended up inspiring not only his fellow runners but the pacers as well.

Of course, I cannot forget the truly #exceedyourself moment of pacers  who ran with podium finishers or runners who recorded new PRs.

Too many stories to tell! Do you have an RUPM story? Do share it here.

To the RUPM pacers, congratulations for a job well done. Time to rest and recover. xoxo

Read the some of the pacers’ stories here:

One Reyna and Wheng’s Brgy 6h30 Shemboters
1hr5min 10K with Franc Ramon
4h30min The Pressured Pacer story of Kit
Dhenz wrapping up the RU series as pacer for 6hr 42K

Rod’s 1:45 21K shows us that runners are by nature social beings

Here they are in action

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