For Bechay’s 42nd birthday

You are prolly familiar with the saying that great minds think alike, well it holds true for great friends as well. Miles away in Penang my friend Bechay has also developed a passion (obsession?) for running.

She’s a stay at home mom and I truly admire her dedication to fit in training runs in between her chores and errands.

Add to that, she trains in Penang. If you’ve ever been there, all you can say is RESPECT. You think Manila is hot, ha, try running in Penang and you will just love our weather.

We visited her last week and she reminded me of her grand plan to do her first marathon next year coz she’s turning 42 na.

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The epic penang pig out trip! Sa uulitin friends

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Bechay is of course the one carrying her nathan hydration pack in the photo. She just finished her run before she picked us up at the airport and straight to first stop of the epic Penang food trip!

I initially planned to run it with her but have since backed out. I do continue to support her though and before I left I scribbled a simple 3-run week plan. This is to help her build a running base and prepare for a more specific marathon training plan.

Here’s the plan, we’ve agreed on.

We have target paces as well, but let’s not get into it yet. Suffice it is to say that I’ve challenged her 6hoursumthing initial target. She has sufficient time to train, crazy dedication, trains in impossible conditions… 6 is not acceptable. Di ba Mesh?. At the very least, I encouraged her push for sub6, what she doesn’t know yet is that I will ask her to bump it down to 5-530. Shhhh!. She will train anyways so why train to just beat a cut-off, right?

On the flight home, I was reviewing the plan and checking where we need to tweak it. And then I figured, even if I’m only aiming to run 5Ks, I can use this plan as well to build my running base. My small tweak is that I will continue with my walk-run and replace tempo runs with more 400s and 800s.

I now need to find to find a 5k sometime late May or early June to test myself.

Wish us luck!


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